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  1. The Downloads section may have been restricted to Subsim Navy members only by the system due to heavy demand. We have a limit because with hundreds of members downloading every day, it can get pretty expensive for us.

    Become an officer in the Subsim Navy here and have your download limit increased to 25, 35 or even 60 a day! You will be supporting SUBSIM, the Internet's main source for sub games, files, and discussion since 1997. We were here for you, help us out a little.

  2. Or the system has been automatically disabled due to abuse from spammers signing up numerous accounts and flooding the server. Subsim Terms of Service stipulate 1 account per person. Duplicate accounts are automatically detected and banned. When people abuse the system, it hurts everyone.
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    After you join, give the server a little time for the automatic update (10-15 minutes) and then your account should be upgraded and you will have access to mods and Bonus Mods, and the SUBscribers forum.

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