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Download File (Click for description) Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  IJN T.01 and T.101 class transports : When adding the Battle of Ormoc Bay to my TMO upgrade (TA convoys) needed stand ins for the T.01 fast transports and T.101 landing ship ... [more] (3.67 MB) 03-15-2021 19 0
Downloads  Clemson Class DD with proper smoke : Always annoyed my the old four stacker Clemson put out little to no smoke and every picture have seen of these even during war shows th ... [more] (30.7 KB) 03-07-2021 20 0
Downloads  KM_Commerce_Raider : Playable German commerce raider HK Atlantis for SH4 1.5 - 04-27-08 Another small mod, this time with more serious guns ! You can sai ... [more] (13.57 MB) 08-17-2020 74 1
Downloads  PT-YUBBA : The new/old look PT 109,, of course you can change the name,,has working torpedoes press the auto load a couple of times and they will ... [more] (4.58 MB) 06-17-2020 59 2
Downloads  Type XI U-boat (unfinished) : Hello all, These are the files for my semi-developed type XI U-boat. I never finished this mod, as I ran out of time to spend on it, ... [more] (9.93 MB) 06-17-2020 49 2
Downloads  The Great Surface War (LGGS Mod) : Author: Benjamin2557 (subsim) Tested on: Silent Hunter 4 Uboat-Missions v1.5 (stock). Duration of creation: More or less 6 months ... [more] (214.22 MB) 09-28-2019 487 17
Downloads  Seawolf Class Playable Sub : This is a Seawolf Class Playable Sub for SH4. It has been in my mods folder for over 4 years, I do not know where I obtained it from ... [more] (48.91 MB) 06-01-2019 729 6
Downloads  MS_Goya : SS Goya for SH4 - 08/12/08 Please read this. Made this mod by Ivank ( Install through JSGME. Feel free ... [more] (4.01 MB) 01-27-2019 77 0
Downloads  Horai : My first playable mod, is the SS Horai. A large Old Liner. WORKS W/ PE3 DONT U ... [more] (4.07 MB) 01-27-2019 65 0
Downloads  Playable CA Baltimore : Playable Baltimore Class Heavy Cruiser for Silent Hunter 4 v1.5 Author: ETR3(SS), Ubisoft Romania This is a career playable Baltimore ... [more] (3.31 MB) 12-07-2018 372 4
Downloads  Gyoratei T31 type (frankenboat) : Written on 09/06/2018 During the Second World War, the Japanese Navy developped over a dozen types of PT boat type vessels. The first ... [more] (1.57 MB) 06-16-2018 82 1
Downloads  Revised DD Hatsuharu for FOTRS Ultimate v0.71 : This MOD adds Japanese Hatsuharu-class destroyer with revised model to SH4. The unit is prepared to work with FOTRS Ultimate v0.71. Th ... [more] (5.84 MB) 06-10-2018 200 3
Downloads  Mizuho Seaplane Tender 1.1 : Written on 09/06/2018 (From Wikipedia, consulted on 09/06/2018) Mizuho ("Fresh Grain") was a seaplane carrier of the Imperial Japanese ... [more] (2.18 MB) 06-09-2018 100 1
Downloads  Carrier Pack 1.0 : A small carrier pack to improve gameplay, these are AI only and can be used for any version of sh4 including mega mods. This is just to ... [more] (34.29 MB) 05-27-2018 275 1
Downloads  US Destroyers pack 1.0 : This mod adds better looking and detailed destroyers to the american navy, and can be used for any version of sh4 including mega mods.T ... [more] (9.86 MB) 05-27-2018 253 3
Downloads  Ship Pack 1.0 : A ship pack for silent hunter 4 These are AI units only! and can be used for any version of sh4 including mega mods.This is just to imp ... [more] (88.70 MB) 05-27-2018 341 1
Downloads  New Isuzu Silhouette : Written on 06/05/2018 This is a small unofficial addition I made for noshiro's beautiful Isuzu AA cruiser. I replaced the stock silhou ... [more] (117.7 KB) 05-06-2018 30 2
Downloads  SH3 stock ships for SH4 : Written on 10/03/2018 This mod brings 3 vessels from Stock SH3 to SH4. I chose them as they do not clash too badly with their lower q ... [more] (9.59 MB) 03-10-2018 69 0
Downloads  Japanese Light Cruiser "Isuzu" : This MOD adds New Japanese Light Cruiser "Isuzu" to SH4. This Mod is JSGME compatible. version 1.0 Japanese Light Cruiser "Nagara" ... [more] (3.33 MB) 01-20-2018 269 5
Downloads  Hakodate Class Frigate TMO RSRD : Fictional Japanese ASW frigate created from the River Class Frigate for use in 1944/45. See readme for details Created in TMO RSRD . ... [more] (3.82 MB) 07-27-2017 99 0
Downloads  Ship Pack for TMO/RSRD : Ship pack for use in TMO RSRD, will be required for my forthcoming upgrade to RSRD will release in coming weeks. I took merchants ... [more] (190.80 MB) 05-29-2017 478 0
Downloads  Heavy Cruiser USS Tuscaloosa beta1.0 : A playable heavy cruiser USS Tuscaloosa for silent hunter 4 patch 1.5 Credits -Ubisoft -Gimp -Silent 3ditor Also credi ... [more] (10.03 MB) 05-20-2017 447 5
Downloads  Playable USS Gearing Destroyer Beta1.0 : Playable USS Gearing Destroyer for silenthunter 4 patch 1.5 Credits -Ubisoft -Gimp -Silent 3ditor Also credits go for ... [more] (8.52 MB) 05-20-2017 442 2
Downloads  playable HMS Leander cruiser beta 1.0 : Here's a playable HMS Leander cruiser for sh4 1.5 Credits - Ubisoft - Gimp - Silent 3ditor other credits go to there ri ... [more] (9.61 MB) 05-16-2017 402 4
Downloads  ASTUTE SSN : This is the ASTUTE SSN for Silent Hunter 4 v1.5. Karle 94 and Yoshida-Kun did the basic modelling work and i added the detailes, did th ... [more] (6.76 MB) 05-04-2017 441 1
Downloads  Projekt 941 / TYPHOON SSBN : This is the Project 941 / TYPHOON SSBN mod for Silent Hunter 4 v1.5. Extract into your /MODS folder and enable with JSGME. Enjoy!:Kaleu ... [more] (37.96 MB) 05-04-2017 956 10
Downloads  Projekt 670 and -M / CHARLIE I & II SSGN : These are the Project 670 and 670M / CHARLIE I & II SSGN mods for Silent Hunter 4 v1.5. Extract into your /MODS folder and enable with ... [more] (71.58 MB) 05-04-2017 314 3
Downloads  Projekt 705K /ALFA SSN : This is the Project 705K / ALFA SSN mod for Silent Hunter 4 v1.5. Extract into your /MODS folder and enable with JSGME. Enjoy!:Kaleun_S ... [more] (106.33 MB) 05-04-2017 663 7
Downloads  Series 667 / YANKEE, DELTA III&IV SSBN : These are the Project 667A /Yankee, Projekt 667BDR / DELTA III and Projekt 667BDRM / DELTA IV SSBN mods for Silent Hunter 4 v1.5. Extr ... [more] (127.27 MB) 05-04-2017 468 2
Downloads  Projekt 661 / PAPA SSGN : This is the Project 661 / PAPA SSGN mod for Silent Hunter 4 v1.5. Extract into your /MODS folder and enable with JSGME. Enjoy!:Kaleun_S ... [more] (48.59 MB) 05-04-2017 252 6

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