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Gefallen Engel U-666
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Default New AC75 revealed! Curses fully foiled again! I fear the 'America's Cup will not be returning to America soon! The combined Team New Zealand and Italian Luna Rossi return to monohull design is stunning
The ground-breaking concept is achieved through the use of twin canting T-foils, ballasted to provide righting-moment when sailing, and roll stability at low speed. The normal sailing mode sees the leeward foil lowered to provide lift and enable foiling, with the windward foil raised out of the water to maximise the lever-arm of the ballast and reduce drag. In pre-starts and through manoeuvres, both foils can be lowered to provide extra lift and roll control, also useful in rougher sea conditions and providing a wider window for racing.
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Mr Quatro
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I would like to see that concept work in a model drone first ... before sailing it.

looks flimsy, uh?
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Already missing the sailing season, smack is all snugged up for winter.
Some pics from this seasons racing.

Running to the outer mark

Passing one of the barges competing in the same race

A long turn back but we won.

Cheers Bert
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