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Default Beginners modeling

I saw this earlier tonight and was wondering if this would be a good start? It has a Gato Class and VIIC U-boat in the kit (from Hobby Boss). I've only ever put together a 1/535 USS Missouri kit. Started to paint with a brush but the brush strokes left behind really turned me off. After viewing some of the members projects on the forum and others work on the web, the model building bug is starting to bite again. I've also done some war gaming models i.e.; Warhammer 40K, Warhammer fantasy. I realize an airbrush is pretty essential. What tools and equipment is recommended? What are some good brands to look for (Models and tools, paints wise)?
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Sailor Steve
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I had someone ask me the "what tools" question a long time ago. Here was my answer at the time:
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Thanks for some insight Sailor Steve
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For plastic models, you'll want to check into Tamiya's extra thin cement.
If you ever used spirit-type (thin) liquid glue like Plastic Weld, its the same thing only not as "hot" so its easier to work with. Tamiya Extra Thin was a game-changer for me in the smaller scales.

The good old Exacto knife with #11 blades hasn't been bettered yet.

You'll also need a small hobby file of some kind for cleaning up parts.

Paint starts to get complicated. It depends a lot on where you are, how much room you have to devote to a painting area, how much hassle are you willing to put up with, and in the end- how much better do you want (or need) to get?
I'm not saying your current techniques might be bad. Not everyone has the patience, budget, or time to crank out multi-layer award winning effects. Brush painting is still a viable option, btw. There are some small tricks you can use to get good results.

For the time being, I'd advise to just get back to the basics at first then build up as you go along.

You may also want to check around your area for modelling clubs.
If it seems like they're more interested in contests and competitions, keep looking. Those kinds of clubs are usually more "cut throat" and you want to find a group that's open and willing to talk and teach how they do things.

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Some fine point tweezers are good. Plus, I'd get a couple of nice display cases to keep them looking nice.
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