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Default Torpedo Guide Wires

What happens to torpedo guide wires after a torpedo is destroyed or it's run ended? Are they left to just sink to the bottom? Are they reeled back into the sub? Have other subs or animals every been caught in these wires? I am not a Greenpeace activist or anything, rather just wondering what happens to the wires.
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TOP SECRET: YOUR EYES ONLY: DESTROY AFTER READING: Essentially the TMD or torpedo mounted dispenser for the flex hose and control wire remains in the torpedo tube. It pays out as the torpedo travels to the target.The TMD disconnects upon launch and remains in the sub tube enabling communicationa to steer or direct the explosive projectile. Note as TMD devices are often stored for lon periods remedial maintenance to this particular item (plastic housing retaining-rings etc is recommended as wire payout noise and friction of wire coating are also issues.) In operation; the torpedo parts from the TMD heading to target with the TMD remaining in the tube during combat protocol...course changes and other commands. In due course the wire snaps due to stress or coil depletion with a portion trailing from the torpedo and hanging from the open torpedo tube via the TMD. Both the flex hose and wire from the TMD is sheared off by the closing off of the torpedo outer door; The tube is pumped dry and open from the inner rear and the AMD with residual flow tube and residual control wire(s) is removed removed. Pg. 10.
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