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Default I hope someone will make the Silent Hunter "6"

I can't make myself understand because my English is poor.

First of all, I am very grateful to the enthusiasts who wrote the tips and suggestions on the forum, which gave me a lot of help. thank you all.

I am worried that I am wrong in English, I use Google Translate.

I am a rookie .

I like this game very much,these games have been made very well. I like the ship, because my father is a seaman and he is a CE at Ocean Shipping. I wanted to be a sailor like him, but he didn't agree.

I just got in touch with 3, 4, 5 and I am currently playing 5.But the game always has so much regret.
I hope this game should highlight performance tactics and battles. This is the game's play point. The secondary goals are personnel management, upgrade systems, equipment and others. Others should revolve around tactics and battles, be the basis of tactics and battles, and should not be too complicated and cumbersome. Just like 3 has a clean interface.

The game should not be too concerned about historical authenticity. Stereotypes are the most realistic, but not entertaining. Just don't be too exaggerated. Because the player has rewritten history at the moment he went to sea. It is best to summon the AI submarine to act together. Don't let the AI submarine dominate the battle, add the feeling of the wolves, and a submarine battle is too lonely. You can add random events or trigger events. For example, if there are too many submarines, there may be strong enemy forces at sea to fight here. Or conditions trigger some large-scale campaign events. Otherwise, it is very boring to play for a long time.

I really like the manual launch of the torpedo in the game. This setting is great. Although I am still not very good, even if I hit the enemy, it may be a random fight, but the torpedo hit the enemy is also very fulfilling.

3, 4, and 5 all have advantages, but they all have some shortcomings, at least for now. The common shortcoming is compatibility with the computer, the setup is a bit of a hassle. But I will not deny that they are very fun games. I like them.

I hope to meet "6" in the future, or other similar, STEAM has seen other submarine games, but it is not suitable for me.

If I say something wrong, please don't mind my rookie.

Happy everyone.
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Gefallen Engel U-666
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Default Welcome aboard!

thend! great first post for a 'rookie' R U playing SH V with mods?
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Originally Posted by Aktungbby View Post
thend! great first post for a 'rookie' R U playing SH V with mods?
Yes, I was playing The Wolves of Steel and thank them for doing that.

I don't care about gorgeous graphics and rendering, I like this type of game very much.

When you encounter an enemy, you need to think about how to cut in, when to launch, and how to avoid. It was a great experience.

Now I just play this game and enjoy it very much. It's just not a sequel, and I'm disappointed. The game should have been better.

These are my experience for a rookie.

Hope Google translation can express my meaning.
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Sailor Steve
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Welcome Aboard, Thend!

The 'Silent Hunter' name belongs to UBIsoft, and they are almost certain to never make another one. Right now there is 'U-Boat', which I'm sure you've looked at. Remember, it is still under development, so who knows how it may end up? I still play SH3 myself, and there is new work going on for the U-boat side of SH4, so I'm excited.

I'm sure you will find a lot of members here who just want to help.
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