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Default 2 Weps questions - Sea Lance & Harpoon

Two questions about weapons specifications and employment if I might call on the brain trust here...

One is about the Sea Lance subroc ... According to the game's reference stat-chart, it has a range of about ~35 miles, and it drops a parachute Mk. 54 torpedo. The thing is, there is literally *no settings* for me to adjust if I want to employ it manually (rather than say, right-clicking a target and saying engage Target {Xyz} with Tube (Xyz) with Sea Lance etc.) ... the only things available is a Snapshot Bearing (degrees, which I agree it will in fact fire the Sea Lance subroc in that direction) and the Distance to Enable- which maxes out at 335 yards.... miniscule. It basically amounts to enabling immediately upon hitting the water .... there is no depth settings, no active/passive, circle/snake etc. --- I could accept that, but it has *not worked one time* against a single enemy submarine. It hasn't worked against Russian diesels, Chinese diesels, Russian nukes, Chinese nukes, nothing at all. It flies to the target successfully, drops the torpedo within a few miles, and then they just spin in circles. There have been a few times I have dropped that torpedo RIGHT ON THAT SUCKER and it has never acquired an enemy submarine *not even one time*. It just spins in circles. I have fired two at a time , same deal, spinning in circles. Am I doing something wrong here?

Second question- Harpoon. How can you set it for the pop-up maneuver? I have not witnessed this for a long, long time. Before I ever even installed RA, I think I witnessed a few Harpoon popups when using all autocrew and showing truth and employing a "Engage target A with Tube B: Harpoon" right-click. But I can't replicate it, certainly can't make it happen when I want it to happen. Is there something to do to make it happen? Seems to be a much more effective setting for the Harpoon.

Ok thanks much
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Originally Posted by tAKticool47 View Post
Am I doing something wrong here?
Yes, like most of guys, you did NOT read weapon manual! (RA_Weapon_Info_rev38 in manual folder)

From RA_Weapon_Info_rev38:

UUM-125B Sea Lance SUBROC (SSN 774 Virginia Payload)
ASW missile

Length: 6.25 m (20.6 ft)
Diameter: 53.3 cm (21 inch)
Weight: 1.4 tons (3100 lb)
Payload: Mk50 High Effective Anti-submarine LWT Torpedo.
Range: around 65 km (35 nmi). Min Range Employment - 5 Nmi.
Missile Speed: 1.5 Mach (968 Kts)
Launch Depth: 46 m (150 ft) and above.

Gameplay note: This weapon flies as a missile on an assigned course then drops a chute with Mk50 torpedo. In the game the torpedo begins homing as soon as it hits the water. Chute speed falls aprx.10 m/sec (33ft/sec). The missile has a max range of 65km (35 nmi). The torpedo it drops has a range of 12.960 m (7 nmi) at 35 Kts and a warhead of 45 kg. A maximum depth of 1200 meters (3,608 ft) is modeled for Mk50 Subroc torpedo.
Mk50 torpedo accommodate ONLY ASW priority. It can targeting only subsurface target.

The torpedo can be nominated by the player in the following modes of search:
Active mode, search under a layer.
Program a Subroc Missile by such preset:
Run To Enable: 00010
Two last digits (Red) represent a distance of chute throw – 10 nmi. (Or as it is necessary)
Third figure of the category (Blue) - will code a mode.
Active mode, search above a layer.
Run To Enable: 00110
Passive mode, search under a layer.
Run To Enable: 00210
Passive mode, search above a layer.
Run To Enable: 00310

* - All User Subrocs with Torpedo Payload in RA Add-on are supplied with this option.

For successful in-game launch of the missile Ownship depth must be 150 ft (46 m) or above. Ownship speed must not exceed 6 knots (15 knots for Akulas).

NOTE: This weapon is not normally carried by the “Virginia” Class or any other U.S Subs. It is available in loadout for gameplay purposes.
“Run To Enable” preset for this weapon settings in Nmi instead Yards.
Preset “Run To Enable” as 00005 assigned drop torpedo at 5 n.m. from Own Ship.
In DW Harpoons don't make pop-up maneuver befor strike. This is available in Cold Waters game.
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Thanks for the help, I will study that file.

I typed out a lengthy, detailed, and rude response, but perhaps I should just accept your help and say thank you.
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Anyone know if in the original game version, did the Captor, Mk.50/54 all get launched from Helo/P3 with a parachute?

Seems I saw this somewhere before. I know I've seen real videos of the torpedoes being launched from the MH-60R Helo and had chutes on keep them from hitting bottom etc.

The reason I'm asking is I tried launching them a few days ago in < 350 ft of water, from <500 ft. All sunk in the mud lol

Finally figure out I had to fly down to <150 ft before launching.

Kind of messed up having to do that seeing as how in the game a sub can surface and shoot SAMs in like 10 seconds or so which is completely impossible.. Ask me how I know lol
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