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Default NorOps (well, sort of)

Background for newcomers:
Okay, so a loooong time ago I started work on an SHIII mod called Norwegian Operations that was supposed to add a lot of stuff to the Norwegian theatre -- scripted stuff, historical lighthouses, forts, and city details, single-player missions, maybe a couple retextured ships, randomly generated traffic for immersion, lots of city/town names on the map, what have you.

It was really ambitious and I announced it before I really had a lot of material to show off. I also seem to recall I experienced a HDD crash or something that forced me to have to restart, and I was too inexperienced to know that once stuck on something, you have to ask for help, so I was stuck for months on one tiny detail it turned out to be trivially easy to fix once I actually asked on the forums. I had high hopes for the project, but it ended up running into the sand, and at some point the computer itself was put away to gather dust.

Had I been older, I would probably have done a lot of things differently. Focusing on one thing at a time (missions, lighthouses, individual cities, and so on) and released the mod bit by bit. That alone would probably have saved the project, or at the very least given you a content pack or two to play with.

So how is all this here?

Recently, however, I finally decided to buy a HD docking station, allowing me to go through the HDs of some old computers and find, among other things, my NorOps stuff on one of the computers.

So I decided to upload what I have. It was organised into one folder, and whether there is more content with more progress to it in the actual game folders I don't know. I might dig around in those later, especially if I can get SH III running on my current computer.

Those of you with the game installed are free to dig through these files (not too many, I know) and see what you can make use of (either as-is or built upon/edited by you). Help yourself, and consider it public domain or whatever. Just credit me if you use it for anything .

Note that this is built upon some version of GWX or another. I found what looks to be the 1.0 version install files in the folder, along with a rar called December23Corrections.
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