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The Old Man
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Default Call for Action in WWII

My favorite Naval simulation remains the US WWII submarine in the pacific.
The most recent modern and entertainingly playable simulation is Aces of the Deep (Wolves of the Pacific) by Ubisoft.

The influences of gaming focus seems very highly tied to successful movies of the same theme with Dos Boot inspiring many simulations of WWII U Boats.

With only a few really famous WWII US sub historically dramatic movies and the best of them dated all the way back to the 1950s, the moderns sim world of high video resolution and historically complex has had little attention since 2008.

It was Run Silent Run Deep which I read as a kid and watched as a movie which inspired my older brother to serve a career in Nuclear Subs and ignited my life long fascination.

Thinking on these things, I realized the strong link between theatrical inspiration, public interest and demand, and the game community responding with simulation investment.

The historical drama of US subs in WWII is not without its share of inspiring stories of tragic loss and extraordinary success.

I would like to see both modern cinema and computer simulations devoted to what is now a neglected genre.

Consider the wealth of true stories which could be woven into a screenplay or a modernization of SH4 as you review the following top 10 WWII submarine commanders and their exploits.
Please return the original concept which inspired the Silent Hunter game series to World War II US boats:

USS Wahoo
Dudley Walker "Mush" Morton
Sunk aircraft bomb Oct 1943 all hands lost
19 ships sunk

USS Tang
Richard O'Kane
Sunk circular torpedo October 1943 prisoners of war
7 ships sunk, 22 pilots rescued.

USS Pompano
Slade D. Cutter
Boat survived
19 ships sunk

USS Bonita
USS Barb
Eugene B. Fluckey
16 ships

USS Harder
Samuel D. Dealey
Sunk by depth charges August 1944 all hands lost
16 ships sunk

Rueben T. Whitaker
USS Flasher
14 ships sunk

Gordon W. Underwood
USS Spadefish
4 ships sunk

Royce L. Gross
USS Seawolf
Sunk by friendly forces Oct 1944
USS Boarfish
Sunk 14 ships
Of the top 10 sub commanders of WWII. Gross commanded the most patrols (7)

Charles O. Triebel
USS Snook
Sunk unknown cause April 1945 all hands (Triebel was not in command)
14 ships sunk

John S. Coye Jr
USS Silversides
Sunk 14 ships


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Electrician's Mate
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Couldn't agree more with your sentiments. I love the movie "Run silent Run deeep" as well, the US silent service (and why not others of WW2 rather than the american and german?) should have gotten much more focus on simulations and cinema along the years. It's been a long run of simulations and games since the days of GATO from spectrum holobyte and before, nevertheless i like to keep an old PCs at hand so i can be able to play the sub sim "classics" because i don't feel too hopeful of seeing any new fine sub simulations (such as Silent Hunter series and Aces of the Deep) coming anytime soon. It would seem that excessive eye candy in computer gaming and all the other BS that comes along with it has shrunken if not killed creativity and imagination of game developers for designing top notch realistic sub simulations.
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Old 10-18-2017, 08:49 PM   #3
The Old Man
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The demand for eye candy should not prevent the development of modern WWII allied sub sims. With the introduction of Vulkan, the developers do not have to program for one platform and one video card any more.
Recent movies have heightened the intense drama of the German WWII sub experience and increased the promotion and sales in this genre. The stories from WWII for the allies are just as compelling.

Run Silent Run Deep:
Amazon includes Kindle E-book:

Unbroken (one of my favorites):

Sea Wolves:

Other best selling non-fiction sub books:

Come on devs. WWII German subs are not the only dramatic stories out there, just the most promoted by recent movies.


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