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Old 01-07-2019, 12:40 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by doksas View Post
Sorry Jerome, i dont see this post before...

if game is CTD in some exact exact, one time with full throttle and without visual contact, second time on periscope depth all stop with locked target on rules...

I playing with german speech, then on your solution change to english, again CTD

Yes, very strange, only sound files in this mod but i have CTD, also found more gamers around internet with same DBSM problem but no working solution...

Thanks Jerome for yours answers
Hi doksas you have patched your .exe with 4GBPatch?
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Old 01-07-2019, 02:55 AM   #17
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Strange, i've often used this mod and never had a problem with it
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Old 01-08-2019, 08:37 AM   #18
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Originally Posted by hauangua View Post
Hi doksas you have patched your .exe with 4GBPatch?
Hauangua, yes, .exe is patched.
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Old 01-09-2019, 05:58 AM   #19
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Unfortunatly i encounter the same problem. I noticed some things...

- Never happens during patrol.
- Shadowing a convoy on the surface also doesnt CTD
- Nearly every time in submerged periscope view within a convoy (and i really mean within)

Maybe it collides with this many underwater ship sounds?

4GB Patch - check

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