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Default I'm wondering

As mentioned in another thread I'm thinking about buying The Northern Inferno-If I can find out how to buy the "key" if this is not possible, I will order the DVD/Disc

I'm watching some videoclips on youtube where some guy are playing this Northern Inferno

In one of his scenario-Damn the Torpedoes, the player noticed that his fighter jets had not been reloaded at the airbase -they had the title Ferry

this made me wonder
"In which country or countries does the fighter jets, Bomberplanes etc have to use the only weapons that is available at the airbase/carrier at the start of a war or scenario and have to stand idle or ferry, when the ammo have been used, because the airbase/carrier will not receive supplies during the war ? "

I thought that an airbase/Carries would get supply of weapon, fuel and other stuff in a case of a war and I presume the enemy will do anything to prevent this from happening

I love this game, but it can't be right that airbases or Carrier doesn't get any supply during the scenarios or war.

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You can model this through scripting in your own scenarios. For example, refill an airbase's magazines every 2 days.
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