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Navy Dude
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Default Black contacts in map for NYGM 2017A

Made this little mod for myself, i tought id share it.

For use with NYGM, It makes visual contacts appear on the nav map, but as black squares so you still have to identify them, without bearing tails, and when zoomed in, instead of silouettes you only see a small back dot.

Note: hydrophone contacts are not affected by this mod and are displayed just like in stock NYGM with small dashes.

The idea is that full manual plotting via multiple heading & distance readings and marking on map can get tedious sometimes. But still dont want to give away too much information like if its enemy or neutral, heading, size or type of ship, etc. Even when fully zoomed in you will not see the ships silouette Showing you if its large or small, just a small black dot.


NOTE: Do Not copy the whole unzipped folder to your mods folder! open it, and copy the main mod folder and any optionals you want.

NOTE 2: No need to be in base, you can enable it any time even during patrol. (Provided you had no map contacts update unchecked)

Read Me:
--------------- Black contacts in map-4-NYGM by Benzin ---------------

Restores contacts in map, but with black boxes and no bearing lines (ala GWX), and also with ship silouettles showing only as small dots.

The idea is to avoid some of the tedious manual plotting required when having no contacts in the map at all, but without giving away too much information such as heading, neutrality, etc.

JSGME ready!

1.- Copy the desired mod(s) folders to your MODS folder.

2.- Activate with JSGME the Black contacts in map-4-NYGM main mod

3.- (Optional) If you want the ship silouettes black colored) instead of black dots, enable Opt - Ship Silouettes

4.- (Optional) If you want the bearing lines (in black) to show in map, activate Opt- Bearing lines

5.- In game, uncheck the no map contacts update option.


Note: the optional mods silouettes & bearing lines can be installed in any order, AFTER the main black contacts mod.

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Old 07-09-2017, 03:05 AM   #2
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Thank you very much! Exactly what i was looking for!
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Hi Benzin
Thank you for sharing your mod with the community.
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