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Old 03-22-2008, 03:04 PM   #31
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Checking the different scripted mission files in Campaigns/CampaignGE/CampaignData
It might seem like the file All escort cruisers file contains the naval support data.

But I guess there has to be more than just MIS files that makes the support available in the game.

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As for the player abilities I'm not sure. But if you're interested in trying the crew abilities I have a tutorial on how to do so.

List of crew special abilities.


Here's where you start. Make a campaign or take your existing one. I'd recommend making a new one just for testing. A US campaign is recommended as well because they have a big crew repair area that you can fill with new recruits. Remember your captains name too. This will be helpful if you have a lot of saves.

Save the career and exit to the main men
Alt tab to your desktop. Go into "My documents" and enter the SH4 folder.
Go to data\cfg\savegames.
There will be folder(s) in here that contain entire save registries but they're labeled with a large number like 00000001. Enter one of them and open careertrack.upc with notepad. Check flotillabase and UserPlayerNameDisplayable to verify that this is the save you're trying to edit.
When you've found it close that and go back to the folder you found it in.

Open activeplayerunits.upc now. In here is where all your crew data is stored.

Maximize silent hunter 4 now and reload your saved game. Check the names of the recruits you want to edit. Write them down or you can just keep minimizing and maximizing to check the names.

Search them in the activeuserplayerunits.upc file by having it open and pressing CTRL-F. Once you find the crew member scrolldown to "specialabilities=". Input the abilities I listed above with a Ability- before each of them (I.E. Ability-Medic). These ARE case sensitive. Once you're done save the file and open Silent Hunter 4. From the main menu load the save and your abilities should be there.

P.S. If this doesn't work make sure you edit with the game at the main menu. I havent tested if it saves while exiting from your room.
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Originally Posted by rebel5555
I haven't been able to call in air support as the US but, the US crew does have abilities.
I've never found any that have some...
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