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Default Too fast mouse

I'm playing Destroyer Command on Windows 10, added the 1.1 patch and all the listed game my mouse moves so fast, I can't steady it enough to click on anything. I went back into my computer's mouse controls and set it as slow as I could, but still zips around too fast while playing the game. Any ideas what's going on?....or how to correct it?

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I do not have Windows 10 (I play in Win 7), so I don't know how generally older games will work there, but to bypass all possible problems it's best to use Dosbox for older DOS games. I don't know if DC is one of those, if it's an old Windows game (before 2005), I would play it in VMWare with Windows XP (advanced emulator), this would certainly resolve any problems.
Other than that, try to put the game exe in Windows Compatibility mode for Windows XP (right click the exe > Properties > Compatibility > etc...)

I hope other Win10 users will come with better solutions.
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I also have Win 7.

Try adding Project Messerwetzer after the 1.1 patch and Right-click your SH2,DC shortcut and run everything in XP mode should fix it. My Pacific Aces (SH2) & DC run fine since I did this.

I read somewhere the wrong graphics card could have something to do with this mouse issue but installing PM & running in XP mode fixed it for them too.

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Try holding down shift key when using the mouse , also works for arrow keys. Slows down and steadies their movement. Works for me (never documented) but I run Dc on an old win 98 pc so this may not work for you.
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