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Default Noisy Periscope in Sub Command's 688i

Hi, whenever I use my mouse in Sub Command to click the left and right buttons on the screen to turn the periscope left or right in the 688i sub, why does it give you that annoying switch noise?? Is there a way to fix this? (This was not present with the periscope in Jane's 688i H/K game)
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Why do you keep posting all that stuff in General Topics and not in the forum sections dedicated to the game?
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Thread moved.
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Oh my God, not again!!

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I noticed a few threads here that have been moved here that don't belong that were talking about a similarly named game called Sub Command.
Sub Command and Sub Commander are different games.

Sub Command is a 2001 submarine simulator made by Sonalysts, who also made 688(I) Hunter/Killer, which is also mentioned in some of these threads.

Sub Commander is a 2013 indie submarine simulator made by Geoff Ayre.

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