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Default Seawolf Sonar

I've noticed something odd with the Seawolf in the new campaign. It's almost like her sonar system is installed backwards. Contacts off the bow disappear as if they're in my baffles, while the sonar can hold contacts off my stern just fine.

Meanwhile the 688i's sonar is practically deaf, it has trouble picking up any PLAN subs.
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Seawolf and 688i have both a bow and stern (i.e. the towed array) sonar so you get 360 degree coverage. The towed array is more sensitive so better at picking up contacts. I did notice the towed array is not deployed in shallow water which makes sense.

I have been playing the SCS campaign with the 688i flt 2 and 3 and have no problem picking up chinese subs. They do not have a towed array so are deaf from the stern.

watch the "ambiant noise" setting in the conditions tab, that can have a huge impact on your ability to pick up contacts.

I set mine back to the original 5db per sea state from the current 3db setting. Trying to track contacts with a 110+db ambiant noise environment is a real challenge.
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