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Default hi there

Hi all

51 years old, Swiss and Italian, work for the ICRC, spent thirty years in conflict areas doing humanitarian work. Love peace but accept war as a reality, spend a lot of time dealing with military issues, and dont forget my 'previous life' as a Swiss soldier. Sky- and scuba-diver, love my racebike, married, two grown up kids, currently working in Israel and Occupied Territories.

I relax playing simulations - mainly IL-46 Sturmovik and SH 5 / never player SH5 multiplayer though. Love this site subsim site and the atmosphere and support here.

Take care all

Originally Posted by Neal Stevens View Post
This is part two of the SH5 players, Introduce yourself: roll call thread. For part I, click here.

We have a thread in the GT forum where people introduce themselves, post a pic and a little bio. I'm starting one here, because nothing helps a community more than openess and friendship. So, come on into the room, take off your hat, and put your boots on the table.

Most of you know me by now, but in short, I'm a native Texan, 50, located in Houston, and I like long walks in the moonlight. Have to consider myself a fan of Theodore Dreiser, Bruce Springsteen, and Wolf Peterson. Motorcycle rider since forever! Been playing computer games off and on since 1979. Blue Max was my first simulation.
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