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Default Stiebler4B_V16B1_Revised patch

I have now placed a revised version of the Stiebler4B_V16B1_Addon patch onto the NYGM website, still provided generously by 'Uncle Neal' (Stevens).

Click on my signature below to get the NYGM menu list, then select option (9) in order to download the revised patch.

The changes are very small: a correction to the missing entry 4834 in en_menu.txt and de_menu.txt; a revised sound file SH3Sound.act, and replacement files SoM_K_IncomingTorpedo.ogg for English and German.

Reason for change:
The warning of an incoming torpedo, given by the crew, could only be heard properly at TC=1. At faster time compression, the warning was inaudible owing to poor synchronisation of the SH3.exe and SH3Sound.act files. This is now fixed.

Those who have already installed the older 4B_Addon patch need not go to the trouble of reinstallation of the patch - just copy the SH3Sound.act file and the two SoM_K_IncomingTorpedo.ogg files into their correct locations, to replace the earlier files. Then ensure that you have the entry 4834 in your copy of en_menu.txt or de_menu.txt.

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