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BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 01:55 AM

Let me introduce you to the underwater-world of S3F...

Have you ever thought...

...that there are way too many different tools for SH3 to handle out there?
S3F uses all you need!

...that the copying and configuration of multiple installations is not intuitive enough?
S3F does just that for you!

...that patching and configuring mods in multiple locations is "too hard, too heavy", too?
S3F solves just that!

...that "H.sieing" takes too much handwork?
S3F now includes "automated H.sie"!

...that installing "Stiebler" takes too much handwork?
S3F soon includes "Stiebler"!

...that you would eventually like to have a "all-in-one-box-lovely-solution"?
S3F is just that!

Current internal working version: • Last Update of this page: 20170222 • Status: BETA, RFC=yes

" S3F " is an addon for our beloved subsim #1. It is available FREELY for everyone and free of charge.
Here on the first page of this very thread you will find everything you need.

I sincerely hope my tool will enhance game fun and reduce installation woes for you folks! TRAiLER for V1.2.5.0b (Announcement for "EDiTiON SUBSiM", released 20140410)
Size= 1.767.424 Bytes, MD5Sum= 72f6de3401508d8a4532a8dba47b2c2f - verified with TinyMD5 TRAiLER for V1.6.9.91b (Announcement for "EDiTiON DOENiTZ", released 20140916)
Size= 3.527.168 Bytes, MD5Sum= 492f98a108384cf50cac0942d45c358a - verified with TinyMD5 TRAiLER for V1.8.7.6b (Announcement for "EDiTiON RAEDER", released 20150522)
Size= 2.650.112 Bytes, MD5Sum= 421d2444f51f76fba7ef3f3b1423c2aa - verified with TinyMD5 LATEST VERSiON (V1.6.9.92b, "EDiTiON: DOENiTZ", released 20150318)
Size= 11.601.408 Bytes, MD5Sum= 1e3689430551e54cae2e6d707e08d63c - verified with TinyMD5

If you want to contribute or give us feedback prior to first release, please
If you want to contribute or give us feedback after first release, you can simply reply to this thread.
Please notice that BL!TZKR!EG only reacts and/or replies if you meet the demands listed here.

AGAiN: ALWAYS FOLLOW PAGE#1 OF THIS THREAD to be updated regularly! You will find here:

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 01:55 AM

Highlights & Key-Features at a Glance:
  • has been tested working on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10.
  • works with all known Mega-Mods for SH3 (GWX, NYGM, WAC etc.)
  • scans ALL fixed harddisks installed in your computer
  • scans a particular area that you may select
  • seeks files pertaining to SH3
  • recognizes which Mega-Mod(s) you have installed
  • replaces (=includes!) with new code:
- recognizes and MD5Sum-validates previously installed versions of:
With this ONE found version for every tool listed here, S3F is able to run any other SH3-installation. Not more than only ONE version each is necessary and S3F provides code for that. S3F only uses MD5Sum-validated versions, i.e. unchanged and current versions as listed above. Outdated versions of the tools listed above are ignored.

This especially applies for users of the good, but old GWX 3.0 Gold: This mega-mod has an outdated JSGME included. So if you want S3F to recognize JSGME, update to the latest version of JSGME and do not ask this over and over again - it is LOGIC!

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 01:56 AM

S3F allows you to...
  • ...scan your system and find every installation of SH3...
  • a number of reknown tools/add-ons and lets you use them...
  • ...make as many copies as you want...
  • ...configure them...
  • ...patch them...
  • ...configure mods...
  • ...upgrade your SH3-installation to V1.6B1 automatically...
  • ...soon even up to V1.6B1-4C
  • ...and play SH3 without fiddling with dozens of files, outdated resources and broken download-links...
ENJOY that you now can have everything that you need for SH3 in the palm of your hand...
...and run all that from only ONE MENU...

Simply select one of your SH3-installations and then choose which program to run for that selection...

In short: S3F finds what you have and brings everything on ONE screen like this:

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 01:56 AM

Short Instructions:

  1. Download the latest archive (Current download-links are always provided in post#1 of this thread!).
  2. Unpack to ANYWHERE you want. Desktop is fine! Simply overwrite an earlier version. I recommend to use 7-Zip.
  3. Simply run the .exe-file. Until further notice... RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR(!)
  4. Allow it through your security-software (Defender? Avast? Norton?).
  5. Let S3F scan your system. That takes time. Do NOT click anything. Simply let it run!
  6. S3F will then display a list of all found SH3-installations and SH3-tools that you can use.
  7. Select one of your installed SH3-installations.
  8. Click on one of the program-icons below to run THAT program with THAT SH3-installation.

You figure the idea and how easy it is? Enjoy... :yeah:

Ah yes and as for the question "Why no installer?" - I share the opinion of Oleh Yuschuk, the programmer of Ollydbg: "No installation means also no trash in registry and system directories."

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 01:57 AM

Icon-Descriptions (current menu):

As previously mentioned, the icons that S3F displays are dynamically dependent of what you have installed on your system, your "U-Boot". These icons appear in the lower area of the S3F-window and look like this - IF AVAILABLE AND ACTIVE IN "COLORED":

1. 4GB Patch
This function executes the routines that check the version and display further file-information of the previously selected installation of SH3 and allow you to enable/disable the 4GB-Patch. Important to notice is that it is nonsense to 4GB-Patch an existing SH3.exe on a NON-64bit-Windows-System. All information given in this direction, be it even from your favorite modder, is WRONG. Read on ntcore's page why - because he was the one who had this idea. This is why this option is activated only when S3F is run on a 64bit-system.

IMPORTANT is that you deactivate your Anti-Virus-Software for the moment this patch is run. Otherwise you will run into problems, learn more here.

2. S3H, the fully automated H.sie-Patch - new: in "Patch&Fix"
A click on this button starts the S3H (=automated H.sie for S3F ) in V1.6.9.91b and newer. It carries out automatically:
all append commands
all merge commands (merge.s is 347 lines)
all hardcode-patch offsets
supplemental files
in short: the complete H.sie-Patch!
A H.sie-patch correctly installed the old way can easily be removed by just deactivating the mod-part that the old H.sie-patch adds to the MODs directory of your installation.

S3F with S3H (the automated H.sie-patch recoded in S3F) is the new way and goes into the same direction. S3F constructs a mod in the MODs directory of your installation which is called S3H-H.sie-Patch-V16B1 - start JSGME and move your mouse over it. It will then display:

S3H - the automated H.sie-patch V16B1 (S3F)

The major difference between the old and the new way is that the new way runs fully automatically and leaves no handwork to do for the user, i.e. S3F automatically activates that newly constructed MOD rescans and shows your version as tuned to "V1.6B1". All the file-work is carried out by S3F, too. Not to forget about that...

Another difference between the old and the new way is that the old way misinterpreted an sh3.exe that already HAD been patched to 4GT, so that the old H.sie-patch was not applicable in that situation. S3F however (and I use H.sie's original detection-method) blanks that patch and therefore recognizes all SH3-versions correctly.

IMPORTANT is that you deactivate your Anti-Virus-Software for the moment this patch is run. Otherwise you will run into problems, learn more here. AGAIN: Make sure your free or cheap AntiVirus-Software is set to OFF or IGNORE (AVAST! AVG! All that!).
Patches are changes to the actual code of an .exe or .dll, so these AntiVirus-Kits will be irritated. There is no way around that.

3. JSGME - Jonesoft's Generic Mod Enabler - new: in "MODS"
If found as previously installed on your system and validated as correct version, you can click on this icon to view, change, load, save the mod-setup for the previously selected big-mod.

4. S3C - Silent Hunter III-Commander
If previously installed and validated as correct version, you can start S3C for the previously selected big-mod here. If that big-mod is either GWX, LSH or NYGM, this will be recognized and the supplemental files will be injected.

5. SH3 - Silent Hunter III
This is self-explanatory as in fact most of the project. Here you simply start the installation that you have just selected.

6. ME1 - MissionEditor - new: in "Missions"
This starts the standard MissionEditor - if found and verified.

7. ME2 - MissionEditorX2 - new: in "Missions"
This starts the standard MissionEditorX2 - if found and verified.

8. SK - SetKeys - new: in "Settings"
If you have SetKeys installed and your installation is valid, then you can select any installation of the list and run SetKeys for that installation. S3F automatically detects your language and starts SetKeys with the corresponding language-file of that installation.

9. S3M - Silent Hunter III MultiSH3Copy - new: in "Settings"
Select the installation that you want to run this routine with and then you can make a copy of that very installation and have it installed so that the "MultiSH3"-functions are applied, i.e. that your "My Documents\SH3"-path is changed from SH3 to whatever you like - it only has to be a THREE-DIGIT-long combination of chars/numbers, i.e. GWX, NYG, LSH, 123, 999, ...

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 01:58 AM

The Patch&Fix-menu shows path and file-version of the selected installation
and then offers the pretty self-explanatory options as described on the
right (en/de depending of what S3F detects as your language).
L_S3M(MultiSH3Copy=MultiSH3 with copy-function)
L_copies the selected SH3-INSTALLATION to a specifed target
L_and sets XXX in Filemanager.DLL
L_S3M(MultiSH3) only changes FMDLL of the selected SH3-INSTALLATION
L_OptionsSelector BOS II for both S3S & S3H for the selected SH3-INSTALLATION
L_enforces %path% & enforces roll-back, then starts S3C
L_runs JSGME for S3C
- just runs it
- runs it with S3C
L_enforces %path%
L_enforces roll-back
- runs it with S3DC
L_enforces S3DC-Settings-File - Connect&Play With The World
L_NO SKYPE! Warning
L_NO HAMACHI/LAN ON INTERNET, comparison-display

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 01:58 AM

For the installation of multiple versions of SH3

SO FAR AND UNTIL NOW... had to...
1) complete a fresh install of SH3 patched up to V1.4b.
2) create a copy of the program folder & rename as required.
3) use MultiSH3 to create separate save locations for each install.
You simply execute the S3M-functionality on the previously selected installation
and the job will be carried out and you can use that new installation as you want right away:
1) The whole selected installation will be copied to where you want (stay out of Programs\X86 though). If the selected installation contains MODS these are as well included in the copy, no matter if they are active or deactivated. You make a 100% copy of that selected installation, no matter how "tuned" it is.
2) The MultiSH3-functionality will automatically be executed and applied
S3F allows you to easily have a multiple installation of SH3 on your system, for instance:
1. stock 1.4b for standard and Multiplayer Gaming on Tunngle
2. NYGM for a realistic play and some horror-scenario-features
3. GWX for a campaign
4. GWM for Multiplayer Gaming on Tunngle
5. CCoM for eye-candy
6. LSH for even more eye-candy
In this example stock 1.4b would be the basis for everything and the mods on top of it. Use S3F to make the copies and have them activated (that used to be a MultiSH3-function as explained above). In this case GWX is also the basis for GWM (which is a "tuned" version of GWX).

Let me give you an example that I was asked for by the D.E.F.

This will be a quick step-by-step-guide using which you get QUICKLY operational with these things:

A. SH3 stock 1.4b
B. SH3 GWX 3.0
C. SH3 GWM (which bases on GWX 3.0)

  1. Get S3F.
    • Download it from the S3F-Project-Page(this page).
    • Unpack it. I recommend to use 7-Zip.
    • Execute it as administrator. Instructions here in the S3F-Thread page#1 post#4.
    • Let it do a full scan of your system. That creates a data-file for later use.
    • Then exit S3F.
  2. Make sure you have a clean SH3 stock 1.4b installation.
    • If you have already have GWX 3.0 running or do not wish to play stock 1.4b then proceed to step 4.
    • Make a .zip-archive of this clean SH3 stock 1.4b installation and save it on a USB-stick or burn it to DVD.
    • A clean SH3 stock 1.4b installation is the basis for EVERY big-mod that is out there. You will need it. Promised.
  3. Make sure you have a clean installation of GWX 3.0 with no further mods activated.
  4. Run S3F again.
    • Execute it as administrator.
    • Instructions here in the S3F-Thread post#4.
    • Select the S3M-function on the far right-hand-side and make yourself a copy of the clean GWX 3.0-installation.
    • Call the new path for example "d:\Games\SH3-GWM".
    • When asked for a 3digit-combination enter GWM here.
    • Then exit S3F.
  5. Get GWM.
    • Download it.
    • Unzip it to the new installation that you have just created in step 2, that is maybe "d:\Games\SH3-GWM\MODS".
    • Either you manually create that subfolder "MODS" or it will be created if you unzip to that directory, i.e. a path consisting of the path to your clean GWX 3.0-installation plus "\mods" added to the end.
  6. Now run S3F again.
    • Select that newly created installation.
    • Click on JSGME.
    • Activate the mod "GWM - Multiplayer Optimised..." now.
    • This will update GWX to GWM in that very directory.
    • This will leave all other installations untouched.
  7. You are now ready to play either GWX for your single-campaign or GWM for Tunngle-Multiplayer-sessions.
  8. Simply run S3F and select from the menu that is presented.

Is that cool and easy or what!:up:

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 01:59 AM

For SH3 Commander with Multiple Installs


It was recommended to have a separate install of S3C for each different install of SH3.
1) Install S3C and rename the program folder to suit.
2) Rename each S3C-shortcut as required.
3) You will need to use the l: switch to point S3C to the right installation.

You only need to have S3C installed ONCE and by using it together with S3F you can apply it to ALL installations.
Simply execute it with the previously selected installation. The appropriate supplement-files for the well-known big-mods "GWX", "NYGM" and "LSH" (5.1 only!) will be injected automatically (This injection is about to come in the next release-version and is only accessible to beta-testers in V1.6.9.92b).
- tells S3C what location/which installation to start
- checks what bigmod is at THAT very location
- copies the super-mod-related supplement-files there
- enforces AUTO-ROLL-BACK after execution

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 01:59 AM

Version History:

20140410 [RELEASE] TRAiLER for V1.2.5.0b - Announcement for 10 days countdown to first release "EDiTi0N SUBSiM"
20140420 [RELEASE] V1.2.5.0b - EDiTiON SUBSiM - Fuehrergeburtstag 125
20140xyz ...various minor fixes...
20140828 [RELEASE] V1.2.5.5b
20140916 [RELEASE] TRAiLER for V1.6.9.91b - Announcement for upcoming release "EDiTi0N DOENITZ"
20141204 ALPHA-test-version 1 given to testers
20150224 ALPHA-test-version 2 given to testers - Testing is an issue due to a lack of qualified testers.
20150315 [RELEASE] V1.6.9.91b - EDiTi0N DOENITZ - 10th anniversary of SH3
201503xx ...Hotfixes...
20150318 [RELEASE] V1.6.9.92b
20150522 [RELEASE] TRAiLER for V1.8.7.6b - Announcement for upcoming release "EDiTi0N RAEDER"
20150717 [RELEASE] V1.7.4.1b (intermediate-version for WAC-tests)
20151117 [RELEASE] V1.7.4.8b (intermediate-version for WAC-tests)
20160106 [RELEASE] V1.7.4.96b (intermediate-version for WAC-tests)
20160604 [RELEASE] V1.7.5.0b (intermediate-version for WAC-tests)
20160828 [RELEASE] - Modules STEAM-FiX & STARFORCE-FiX completed and released to standalone-testing: SFSF-MODULE
20170202 [RELEASE] - Module S3MT completed and released to standalone-testing: OPEN BETA TEST/RELEASE PREVIEW: S3MT
20170220 [RELEASE] - Module S3TP completed and released to standalone-testing: S3TP - Silent Hunter III-Tweak-Pack

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 02:00 AM

Upcoming/NEW Features for next version V1.8.7.6b and/or later:

+ all new features activated for all to use and bug-fixes since the last version as can be read in post #11 and post #12
+ most outstanding feature: BOS II
+ the whole code for Stiebler's ingenious Addon V4C will be included and NO manual work is anylonger needed.
+ S3F-auto-recognition now automatically injects big-mod-fix (="supplemental files") for
  • S3C+CCoM 10.2 - COMPLETED
  • S3C+LSH 6 - UNSUPPORTED because of entirely missing documentation(no change-log!) by Blueduck/LSH
+ If H.sie's "O2-Fix" is enabled in the OptionsSelector, you can enable the Manometer-MOD and the correct graphics are injected into game-data. - in the works
If Hsie is deactivated=CO2 (Stock)
If Hsie is activated AND the flag activated=O2 (H.sie's new GFX), H.sie has missed to changed the dials.cfg and the 3D-textures\cadrane for every Uboot
+ SP/MP switch
+ Bug-Log
+ Enforcing S3C to have auto-rollback
+ verifying that that S3C HAS done auto-rollback - how?

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 02:01 AM

CHANGE-LOG, NEW FEATURES & FiXED BUGS http://www.unabhaengiges-vergleichsp...aken-klein.png

- 20140128 - NEW - The very first basic concept:
S3F scans ALL harddrive-partitions for "SH3"-related files.
S3F stores what it has found in its own S3F.ini-file.
S3F includes own code of:
- the 4GT (often called 4GB-Patch)
- MultiSH3 (called S3M)
- functions to make a copy and activate it.
S3F calculates and verifies MD5Sum of:
951f2ed3f12a265d98fbf5fd0d365e62 JSGME V2.6.0.157 - FINISHED 20140326
b20817358edc25794ce0ab9a5d3e2db6 SH3-MissionEditor - FINISHED 20140326
70d530b5e6c470db54d7f5fdb52f34eb SH3-MissionEditorX2 - FINISHED 20140326
4d2b471021ac1318b6ae84de75858ca7 S3C V3.2.0.203 - FINISHED 20140326
f47467818bfa0dd7ea98f6283a3024a0 SetKeys V1.3 - FINISHED 20140412
4f26b4eb49612f230f4a23af1347d80f H.sie-OptionsSelector - FINISHED 20140326
286c1f4b0addc0803509626e344f8f8f Stiebler-OptionsSelector - FINISHED 20141220
- 20140131 - COMPLETED - Procedure to search for files.
- 20140204 - NEW - SH3-Front-End-BG.jpg.
- 20140207 - COMPLETED - Buttons for main-menu.
- 20140212 - NEW - Menu-routine in the tests.
- 20140216 - CHANGED - Extensions to main-concept.
- 20140225 - NEW - SH3-Front-End.ico.
- 20140303 - NEW - Basis of the code. Test-Environment I.
- 20140304 - COMPLETED - Button-Menu.
- 20140305 - COMPLETED - Multi-Recursive-Search.
- 20140306 - NEW:
.ini is created.
.backup will be filtered now.
MODS will be ignored now.
h.sie is recognized nevertheless.
The number of found installations is stored.
- 20140307 - NEW - Div. variables and the idea of having a dynamic "list".
- 20140311 - COMPLETED - The list will now be DYNAMICALLY displayed.
- 20140312 - NEW - Logo.
- 20140313 - CHANGED - xth installation + VERSION + MOD.
- 20140315 - NEW - Global Search in all FIXED-Drives.
- 20140316 - NEW - Icons, all being now same 32x32px.
- 20140319 - COMPLETED - Scroll-Routine1.
- 20140321 - COMPLETED - Scroll-Routine2.
- 20140322 - NEW - Buttons.
- 20140324 - COMPLETED - Icons now dynamic, too: ICON-active/inactive.
- 20140326 - COMPLETED - The list is now selectable. ProgrammCall works.
- 20140327 - COMPLETED - First SH3-Installation read from system.
- 20140328 - ADDED - More GFX.
- 20140331 - FiXED - MZX works now - was only a stupid typo.
- 20140404 - COMPLETED - Procedure Change1L.
- 20140405 - ADDED - S3C-Supplements for GWX, LSH and NYGM.
- 20140406 - [RELEASE] - Preview@Subsim.
- 20140406 - FiXED GWX-recognition (Thanks to Opitz/XVII. Nordfront).
- 20140407 - CHANGED - New GWX-Recognition.
- 20140409 - COMPLETED - FadeIn and Trailer1.

- 20140410 - [RELEASE] [S3F]-TRAiLER@Subsim - 10 days countdown and beginning ishtstorm from the LSH-guys.
- 20140411 - NEW - 4GT now dependent of Processor-Architecture.
- 20140411 - FiXED- 4GT offered/checked/applied on 32-bit-systems.
- 20140411 - NEW - S3F checks your OS whether it is a 32 or a 64 bit system.
- 20140411 - CHANGED - S3F consequently now offers to check for and/or apply the 4GT ONLY on 64 bit-systems.
- 20140412 - NEW - S3SK now loading en/de.
- 20140412 - NEW - S3SK now automatically opens the CORRECT language-file in the selected installation-path.
- 20140413 - NEW - Blitz-Routine + lcase + Showdown "Witch-Hunt".
- 20140413 - COMPLETED - S3F-recursive-search on all fixed drives 7 times faster.
- 20140413 - FiXED- 1b-scrn missing.
- 20140414 - NEW - Copy-Routine/32kb in the tests.
- 20140415 - FiXED - MOD-Display + "_"-Fix.
- 20140416 - NEW - DynList now displayed in Win-COLUMNS.
- 20140416 - FiXED - Wrong message coming upon ini-error.
- 20140417 - 03 days countdown: i15+i16 bug found.
- 20140418 - 02 days countdown: Updated posts 1 and 8.
- 20140418 - FiXED- I15+I16 wrong fade.
- 20140418 - NEW - language detection (Thanks to Upholder/SteelSharks for testing!).
- 20140418 - FiXED - call for H.sie-patch.
- 20140418 - FiXED - scan-routine now finds the CORRECT h.sie-patch which has been activated.
- 20140418 - FiXED - missing message on existing 4GB-Patch.
- 20140418 - FiXED - missing message before S3M-execution.
- 20140419 - CHANGED - SS 04.jpg.
- 20140419 - NEW - S3M-input-routine now limits input string and checks against default.
- 20140420 - [RELEASE] V1.2.5.0b@Subsim - 00 days countdown: NOW IS THE DAY - S3F is now beta!

- 20140421 to - 20140521 - 1 month testing-phase and hot-fixes for various minor bugs.
- 20140421 - FiXED - Scan-routine finds H.sie-backups (Thanks to Paulebaer/LSH for reporting!).
- 20140422 - CHANGED - C:\"-location raises UAC-issues with Win7 and up, now using cwd.
- 20140423 - FiXED - outdated message windows showing.
- 20140518 - FiXED - no longer displays H.sie-patched versions as "UNKNOWN", but now as "H.sie".
- 20140828 - FiXED - Mouse-Pointer-Bug.
- 20140828 - FiXED - "Copying"-Bug.
- 20140828 - [RELEASE] V1.2.5.5b
- 20140828 - FiXED - S3M-"Forever"-Bug.
- 20140828 - COMPLETED - n-reso fix&1024x768 resolution code activated (was there but not used).
- 20140829 - NEW - progress-bar for S3M-function included.
- 20140916 - [RELEASE] TRAiLER for V1.6.9.91b
- 20141028 - FiXED - screen now being refreshed upon return.
- 20141119 - NEW - progress-bar for Sizescan.
- 20141202 - NEW - now recognizes H.sie-patched-versions as "H.sie" (no longer listed as "unknown").
- 20141218 - NEW - S3H! The whole new AUTOMATED code for H.sie's ingenious Patch-Kit V1.6B1 is included!
- 20150121 - FiXED - Fixed H.sie's recognition (4GT now "blanked out" prior to detection).
- 20150222 - CHANGED - S3H "append"&"merge" no more applied for NYGM and CCoM (Thanks to Fubar2Niner).
- 20150312 - CHANGED - S3H "append"&"merge" no more applied for LSH EDITION 2014/2015/2016 - whatever it will be named.
- 20150315 - [RELEASE] V1.6.9.91b - EDiTi0N DOENITZ - 10th anniversary of SH3

- 20150317 - FiXED - S3H shown as inactive when no installation has H.sie activated (is executable though).
- 20150318 - FiXED - SH3.exe opened r/w leads to share violations when running S3C parallely.
- 20150318 - FiXED - by mistake the new menu-background showed up.
- 20150318 - [RELEASE] V1.6.9.92b
- 20150327 - NEW - PATCH&FiX-Menu.
- 20150404 - CHANGED - Message telling that JSGME is not there now mentions the correct version (Thanks to bstanko6).
- 20150419 - CHANGED - Subroutines GetSH3Version() and Patch_4GT updated with better code.
- 20150419 - FiXED - S3H-patched versions with DEactivated H.sie now recognized correctly.
- 20150419 - CHANGED - Progress-Bar#1 is now more suitable on the screen.
- 20150422 - ADDED - missing feature in S3M: Change existing FM.dll pointer without having to make a copy.
- 20150505 - CHANGED - Reworked the whole GetMOD()-routine for Big-Mod-Recognition.
- 20150507 - NEW - Added a progress-counter to the SCAN-routine.
- 20150507 - FiXED - minor display-bug in Scan-screen(1b) - reported as "rendered 'fuzzy'".
- 20150508 - NEW - The S3H&S3S-Options-Selector now detects H.sie/Stiebler, reads & writes their flags.
- 20150508 - REMOVED - HSTOS II does no longer execute the outdated $ff check (Thanks to Stiebler).
- 20150508 - ADDED - The Dynamic Menu now also displays the state of the 4GT and FM-entry.
- 20150513 - CHANGED - S3F now no longer waits for prog_exec. You can now run tools parallely.
- 20150514 - CHANGED - Many new icons completed. New menus underway.
- 20150521 - NEW - S3F now checks for running instances.
- 20150522 - [RELEASE] TRAiLER for V1.8.7.6b
- 20150525 - CHANGED - Scan now ignores .rec and .kop as well.
- 20150528 - NEW - V1.7.4.1b - Reads very first SH3-installation from Registry (for backup).
- 20150601 - REMOVED - S3F no longer scans for HOS and STOS, instead now uses my own S3H&S3S-Options-Selector-code.
- 20150601 - REMOVED - S3F no longer scans for ME1, it now only MD5-verifies the one in the installation-path.
- 20150601 - REMOVED - S3F no longer scans for ME2, it now simply writes it from mem to disk and runs it.
- 20150604 - NEW - SETTiNGS-Menu.
- 20150610 - FiXED - minor bug in size-display.
- 20150709 - FiXED - extensive "clicking around" during scan can provoke a crash on 64-bit-systems (NOT on XP).
- 20150717 - [RELEASE] V1.7.4.1b (intermediate-version for WAC-tests).
- 20150728 - NEW - Added command-line parameters.
- 20150812 - CHANGED - It is birthday-time and so I got a wish free: HSTOS II is now called BOS II.
- 20150825 - CHANGED - Design1 added.
- 20150830 - NEW - S3F has got a new main-menu-picture. Thanks, Canovaro!
- 20150902 - CHANGED - Design2 completed.
- 201509xx - Harddisk-Crash on DEV-Laptop#2.
- 20151024 - Harddisk replaced. System fully functional. Resuming work on upcoming version.
- 20151109 - FiXED - Snd-Error found. Fade-Rtn repaired.
- 20151117 - [RELEASE] V1.7.4.8b (intermediate-version for WAC-tests).
- 20151229 - NEW - MiSSiONS-Menu.
- 20160106 - [RELEASE] V1.7.4.96b (intermediate-version for WAC-tests)
- 20160110 - FiXED - minor bug in S3M-copy-part.
- 20160211 - NEW - SP2MP-converter code completed.
- 20160225 - NEW - S3F now creates a LOG-file in the cwd.
- 20160310 - FiXED - minor bug HiRes-WS-display.
- 20160323 - NEW - S3F now checks whether you're running as Admin and writes that to the LOG-file.
- 20160331 - NEW - S3F now lets you scan ALL or an AREA ONLY.
- 20160409 - NEW - S3F has got a new intro now.
- 20160420 - FiXED - minor bug in S3M-copy-routine.
- 20160424 - CHANGED - SETTiNGS-Menu reworked and new functions added.
- 20160430 - NEW - S3F has got a new transparent icon now. Looks way better, thank you, Fahnenbohn
- 20160604 - [RELEASE] V1.7.5.0b (intermediate-version for WAC-tests)
- 20160828 - NEW - Modules STEAM-FiX & STARFORCE-FiX completed and released to standalone-testing: SFSF-MODULE
- 20170202 - NEW - Module S3MT completed and released to standalone-testing: OPEN BETA TEST/RELEASE PREVIEW: S3MT
- 20170220 - NEW - Module S3TP completed and released to standalone-testing: S3TP - Silent Hunter III-Tweak-Pack

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 02:05 AM

Known Bugs

None. All reported bugs have been fixed. Thanks for your patience. http://www.unabhaengiges-vergleichsp...aken-klein.png

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 02:06 AM

If you want to report a bug...

First off, this software is
  • a non-profit fan-production, completely independent of UBiSOFT and unpaid/uncommercial hobby-work just for the fun of it.
  • brand-new and has been developed during the time of 7 weeks (first version, March/April 2014).
  • in beta-status, so there will be bugs. That's normal.
  • under continous development, and we are here to fix'em all. :cool:


- please LOOK FIRST at page#1 of this thread and check that you DO follow the instructions provided.
- please LOOK FIRST whether it really is a serious bug worth the hassle.
- please LOOK FIRST whether it has been reported HERE already.
- be constructive! Nobody wants to read disruptive/provocative comments. These don't help matters at all.
- write down what exactly you have done until the error occured.
- try to describe what actually happens. What is working and what does not work.
- make a screenshot so we see what you are talking about.


We will then see what we can do in order to solve the issue.

If everything else fails, we can offer to CHAT ON TS3 and have a TEAMVIEWER-SESSION. Teamviewer FOR FREE Teamspeak3 FOR FREE

Connect to server:

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 02:07 AM


Q: "Where the heck is BL!TZKR!EG, where and what is he now at?"

A: Status early 2017: I have finally found time for my damn tax declaration and am a bit busy with that. After surviving my visitors from Brazil and you can well imagine what loud and stuff that is, I have programmed a number of tools for WAC and DEF - You see, much is going on in the background. Read the logs :) because I regularly update this page with news and what I am working on.

Apart from that, I am now busy with what you can read in post #11 and have you already seen the new trailer? Always look in post #1 for download-links. Ah yes, and SH3 has had its 10th anniversary and I have released a little fun-demo for that, too.
This will take some time... so stay tuned. The new trailer of S3F is just out for you to enjoy. "I'll be back!" :Kaleun_Periskop:

Q: "Why does S3F not recognize program x, I DO have it on my harddisc!"

A: This happens when you do not have latest version as described in post#2. For instance GWX3.0 Gold comes with an outdated JSGME version which you should update. S3F only recognizes the latest/current versions and ignores everything beyond.

Q: "Where can I talk to/meet with BL!TZKR!EG?"

A: You can regularly find me on the Subsim-TS3 and on our Tunngle-Channel "Silent Hunter III".

Q: "When is the next version out?"

A: The next version (announced V. EDiTiON "RAEDER") will be released early 2017. Enjoy its release-trailer & the spring!

BL!TZKR!EG 04-06-2014 02:08 AM

Format of S3F.ini
Line 00 : S3F.ini-version
Line 01 : Number of found SH3-installations (*1)
Line 02 : 0th SH3-installation: path+sh3.exe (*2)
Line (stv(val(Line01))+2) : Installation-path+sh3.exe for Installation#01
Line (inc(val(Line01))+2) : If val(Line01)> found paths+sh3.exe...
Line (env(val(Line01))+2): If val(Line01)>1...last found path+sh3.exe for Installation#(val(Line01))
Line (val(Line01)+3)+0 : Path to JSGME.exe____________NEW: Path to JSGME.exe
Line (val(Line01)+3)+1 : Path to Sh3MissionEditor.exe____NEW: Path to S3C
Line (val(Line01)+3)+2 : Path to Sh3MissionEditorX2.exe_.NEW: Path to S3DC
Line (val(Line01)+3)+3 : Path to SH3Cmdr.exe__________NEW: Path to S3K
Line (val(Line01)+3)+4 : Path to HsieOptionsSelector.exe_NEW: Path to S3SK
Line (val(Line01)+3)+5 : Path to SetKeys.EXE__________NEW: Path to S3Ge
Line (val(Line01)+3)+6 : ___________________________.NEW: Path to S3i
Line (val(Line01)+3)+7 : ___________________________.NEW: Path to S3FA
Line (val(Line01)+3)+8 : ___________________________.NEW: Path to S3L
Line (val(Line01)+3)+9 : ___________________________.NEW: Path to S3P
Line (val(Line01)+3)+A : ___________________________.NEW: Path to S3V

(*1) This value MUST NOT and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be zero.

(*2) The ZEROth installation is reserved for the very first installation which has NOT been copied (w/ or w/o S3M-function) but has instead been carried out using the original installer (c) Ubisoft. There are reasons to do this. I can explain those upon request.

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