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Download File (Click for description) Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  SH3MissionEditor_Documentation : All you need to know about the SH3-Mission-Editor. If you have more files than these, then please ... [more] (1.00 MB)   Pinned File 01-12-2016 176 0
Downloads  [DEF]_U-Boot-PQ-Map_35x23(ROTD).png : KRIEGSMARINE PQ-Karte (=chart) Provided by Reinhard Hardegen of the Raiders of the Deep, who is now a member of |DEF| READ MORE ABOUT ... [more] (71.84 MB) 12-12-2015 231 3
Downloads  19450505_SP_GWX_RUM_U853 : See: SH3 Reenacted U-Boat Single Player Mission Oberleutnant Helmut Frömsdorf, U-853 off the coast o ... [more] (70.4 KB) 08-11-2015 101 0
Downloads  19420523_SP_GWX_RUM_U588 : See: Reenacted U-Boat Mission, US East Coast 23 May 1942 Square CB 4750 Kapitänleutnant Viktor Vogel ... [more] (24.0 KB) 07-15-2015 70 0
Downloads  19420428_SP_GWX_RUM_U136 : See: SH3 Single Player Reenacted U-Boat Mission Kapitänleutnant Heinrich Zimmermann, U-136 off the co ... [more] (23.9 KB) 07-15-2015 58 0
Downloads  19420410_SP_GWX_RUM_U85 : See: Reenacted U-Boat Mission US East Coast, off New Jersey, 10 April 1942 Square CA55 Oberleutnant Eb ... [more] (24.2 KB) 07-15-2015 54 0
Downloads  19420310_SP_14b_RUM_U588 : See: Kapitänleutnant Viktor Vogel, U-588 US East Coast, off Barnegat, NJ 10 March 1942 Square CA51 ... [more] (24.9 KB) 07-15-2015 57 0
Downloads  19420228_SP_GWX_RUM_U578 : See: SH3 Single Player Reenacted U-Boat Mission: Korvettenkapitän Ernst-August Rehwinkel, U-578 Attack ... [more] (24.2 KB) 07-15-2015 40 0
Downloads  19420227_SP_14b_RUM_U578 : See: SH3 Single Player Reenacted U-Boat Mission: Korvettenkapitän Ernst-August Rehwinkel, U-578 off t ... [more] (25.3 KB) 07-15-2015 50 0
Downloads  19420124_SP_GWX_RUM_U66 : See: SH3 Single Player Reenacted U-Boat Mission: Korvettenkapitän Richard Zapp, U-66 off Cape Hatteras ... [more] (25.2 KB) 07-15-2015 57 0
Downloads  19400121_SP_14b_RUM_U22 : See: VERY (!) good documentation included. Feel free to visit my Subsim-Profile for more downloads. ... [more] (40.7 KB) 07-15-2015 76 0
Downloads  KM grid map : The North Atlantic Kriegsmarine grid map for easy and fast latitude/longitude/Kriegsmarine grid comparisons Installation with JSMGE ... [more] (20.43 MB) 04-16-2015 338 1
Downloads  Convoy-Routes on Map - BL!TZKR!EG Edition.7z : Convoy-Routes on Map is a minor, but useful and simple change to SH3 1.4b stock-data. It is formerly known as SH3MapConvoys but the fil ... [more] (1.86 MB) 12-18-2014 413 1
Downloads  Maneuvering board map : A maneuvering board added to the Navigation map for easy and fast maneuvering board access. The map is over Siberia and is clearest at ... [more] (1.73 MB) 10-12-2013 330 0
Downloads  Type II Type A package : Factually history on the raid on Sydney Harbour 1942: In the late afternoon of 31st of May 1942, three Japanese submarines I-22, I-24 ... [more] (316.6 KB) 04-08-2013 197 0
Downloads  Operation HighJump : This is my first upload so I am a bit nervous! This is a fantasy ( in some eyes, maybe not) single mission for SH3 GWX. The time period ... [more] (2.5 KB) 03-19-2013 180 0
Downloads  Harpoon the Whalers : This is a FICTIONAL mission I wrote for myself a while ago. It is LOSELY based on the Commerse Raider Pinguin's attack on the Norwegian ... [more] (5.4 KB) 12-01-2012 196 0
Downloads  U570 Test : Test mission for HMS Graph, u-boat U-570, captured by the British. (1.8 KB) 05-28-2012 88 2
Downloads  Ratpack and HMS Barham missions : Ratpack (1) & Barham Mission (2). ****************** I have combined two seperate missions in this revised bundle, the two missions f ... [more] (7.0 KB) 05-03-2012 213 0
Downloads  Reduced Campaign Layers for GWX.7z, 2.34 MB : Reduced campaign layers for GWX. Readme. This mod contains modified campaign layers for GWX. It contains six different campaign la ... [more] (2.34 MB) 02-04-2010 496 0
Downloads  GWX3 Mediterranean Campaign Only : This mod is quite similar to the reduced Black Sea campaign files I did for GWX 2.1, but this time it's for the Mediterranean. The mod ... [more] (163.6 KB) 01-27-2010 468 2
Downloads  Navigation Map Fix for Silent Hunter III for those : Navigation Map Fix for Silent Hunter III for those using the NAVIGATION MAP COURSE SOLVER by Captain America ************************* ... [more] (497.8 KB) 04-15-2009 282 0
Downloads  Navigation Map Fix for Silent Hunter III : Navigation Map Fix for Silent Hunter III ************************************** This fixes the weird dark blue graphic glob on the le ... [more] (490.2 KB) 04-15-2009 243 0
Downloads  Chainlinks Wrong YM Update : Hello This is test career mod for (single mission career mode) mod. You also need SH3 Commander and jsgme. put jsgme in ch3 Commander f ... [more] (9.2 KB) 04-15-2009 49 0
Downloads  Chainlinks : Hello This is test career mod for (single mission career mode) mod. You also need SH3 Commander and jsgme. put jsgme in ch3 Commander f ... [more] (8.9 KB) 04-15-2009 53 0
Downloads  WWII Maps and Charts : Assorted maps/charts that are printable. (16.13 MB) 04-04-2009 1839 2
Downloads  DanFrasers' SpySat Modder : DanFrasers' SpySat Modder This program lets you modify your Campaign_RND.mis. Instructions: Just put in your ..SilentHunterIII\ prog ... [more] (9.4 KB) 04-03-2009 354 0
Downloads  STzCleanNavMap 1.0 : STzCleanNavMap 1.0 Readme --------------- Greetings, Kaleuns! This is my rather modest first mod for SH3 and all variants, including ... [more] (233.1 KB) 03-27-2009 134 2
Downloads  Red Nightime Nav Map : Red Nightime Nav Map Simple mod, just changes the night filter on the Nav map. Nothing fancy. Did this a couple of years ago, decided ... [more] (245.7 KB) 03-27-2009 332 2
Downloads  "Realistic" contacts for SH3 : "Realistic" contacts for SH3 - November 16 2008 This mod removes all the contact icons on the navmap (warships, merchants, convoys, t ... [more] (1.2 KB) 03-26-2009 347 0

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