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Download File (Click for description) Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  GWX3.0-Ship'sID-Book&Prefixes(v1.0) with_CHART_Inf : This brings the first (I think) printable Ship's ID Handbook for SH3 with GWX3.0-GOLD. ... [more] (16.60 MB) 06-21-2017 73 2
Downloads  SH 3 FERNGLAS Mod - v. S & W : - SH 3 FERNGLAS Mod - v. S & W - [SH3 Fernglas Mod, Version Schwarz & Weiss] Hintergrund: [English below] Vor dem Hintergrund d ... [more] (512.7 KB) 05-22-2017 34 0
Downloads  rudewarrior's "Just Follow Orders!" Mod v2.1 : rudewarrior's "Just Follow Orders!" Mod v2.1 Date: 12 Apr 2017 Contents of this mod written and assembled by rudewarrior. Plea ... [more] (20.43 MB) 04-12-2017 74 3
Downloads  S3TP : Documentation? Credits? Changelog? Thread? Updates? Everything here: S3TP - Silent Hunter III-Tweak-Pack Also check out "TinyMD5" and ... [more] (224.4 KB) 02-20-2017 66 0
Downloads  Wolfie's tweek pak : Wolfie's Tweek Pak for Silent Hunter III May 3, 2005 Overview This pak contains two programs for tweeking SH3. TweekSH3 makes chang ... [more] (271.3 KB) 10-30-2016 276 2
Downloads  [S3T]_SH3_Transformer_1.0.19.7z : |DEF| - DOENITZ ELITE FLOTILLA We are the flotilla that gives you useful tools for free ... [more] (2.05 MB) 08-23-2016 135 0
Downloads  Umark_Fix_V2 : Some MODs remove the Umark. This is how to fix it. Documentation included is worth being read. (2.6 KB) 04-28-2016 79 6
Downloads  Additional Depth Charges v1.0 (GWX3) : This mod adds new types of depth charges to the game. It is GWX3 compatible. For a proper description of the mod, please refer to the [ ... [more] (223.5 KB) 02-12-2016 222 5
Downloads  Improved AA Plus : This mod' is the original "Improved AA Capability V1.1" but also backs off the fire power of some of the attacking aircrafts' smaller c ... [more] (17.1 KB) 01-25-2016 253 2
Downloads  Improved AA Capability V1.1 : Necessary up-date. Sorry fellow submariners but the previous version contained an oversight. I had inadvertently increased the fire p ... [more] (17.1 KB) 01-15-2016 223 0
Downloads  WB's "AccuTorp Loadout" mod for "OLC Gold MkIId" : This modification makes WB's "Accurate Torpedo Loadout" mod compatible with OLC's "OLC 'Gold' MkIId" modification. For a detailed de ... [more] (11.8 KB) 01-15-2016 27 0
Downloads  Squid Mod V2.7z : This small mod provides a Squid launcher. Here is the full readme: Squid Mod for SH3 LGN1 April 2016 Model done by gap! ---------- ... [more] (2.33 MB) 10-24-2015 182 0
Downloads  Evan82's XXI [Blue-Grey] : Evan82's XXI [Blue-Grey] (GWX3 files) __________________________________________________ Morpha of my "Evan82's XXI" mod. Now with mo ... [more] (19.14 MB) 07-21-2015 119 0
Downloads  Evan82's XXI : Evan82's XXI [based on GWX3 files] __________________________________________________ Now you have new water streams [more fps friendl ... [more] (25.12 MB) 06-16-2015 124 0
Downloads  CAWS 1.61 : Charts Addon 1.61 for Widescreen MaGui SA v3.4. + NYGM Features: JS ... [more] (59.33 MB) 05-16-2015 608 2
Downloads  WB's non-GWX Mid-Patrol Radio Orders (SH3 Cmdr) - : ----------------------------------------------------------------------- WB's non-GWX Mid-Patrol Radio Orders (SH3Cmdr) - Repolished by ... [more] (11.28 MB) 05-15-2015 50 1
Downloads  WB's GWX Mid-Patrol Radio Orders (SH3 Cmdr) - Repo : ------------------------------------------------------------------- WB's GWX Mid-Patrol Radio Orders (SH3Cmdr) - Repolished by banryu79 ... [more] (11.28 MB) 05-15-2015 162 1
Downloads  Hitman Lagewinkelscheibe Tweaked : The ''Lagewinkelscheibe'' was a tool used by german navy during WWII. This is a tweaked version of the tool that Hitman ,originally, p ... [more] (2.75 MB) 04-08-2015 173 3
Downloads  Additional "Nightclub" Pics : I added a few more pics for use in "Nightclub" Some are from "Das Boat" and one from "Downfall" Extract to C:\SH3 Commander\Nigh ... [more] (2.15 MB) 04-02-2015 197 0
Downloads  German Naval Flag Emblem : German Naval Flag Conning Tower Emblem Extract to: C:\SilentHunterIII\data\Emblems\SubEmblems Works with SH3, GWX 3.0 and SH3 ... [more] (11.2 KB) 04-02-2015 1039 7
Downloads  Lighthouses and Entrance Points for NYGM 3.6F Beta : BETA - for experimental use Installation with JSGME. Only works with NYGM. The mod does the following: 1. adds the lighthouses ... [more] (115.7 KB) 03-14-2015 136 1
Downloads  U Flak V1 : This mod is dedicated to Professor M :salute: It was written to make those pesky air attacks somewhat easier for your gallant AA cre ... [more] (16.22 MB) 03-11-2015 487 5
Downloads  Sub Emblems : Two emblems I just completed, a Dragon and a Wolf's head. I love dragons and Wolves :yeah: They are extracted to: C:\SilentHunte ... [more] (36.6 KB) 03-09-2015 145 0
Downloads  Fast Subs : "Fast Subs" is JSGME ready, just extract into mods folder and activate. Works with SH3 Commander, and GWX 3.0 "Fast Subs" will giv ... [more] (34.24 MB) 02-28-2015 811 19
Downloads  WS MaGui v3.4 (StandAlone Version) : WideScreen MaGui v3.4 (StandAlone Version) ---------------------------------------------- this is a complete modification to User Inte ... [more] (107.58 MB) 02-27-2015 476 3
Downloads  The MaGui mod : The MaGui mod (Manos Gui mod) ----------------------------------------- this is a complete modification to User Interface. the mo ... [more] (75.60 MB) 02-26-2015 671 4
Downloads  TMT v2 with EFS (GWX3 version) : TMT v2 with EFS (GWX3 version) --------------------------------------- this is exactly the same mod as the ''TMT v2 (GWX3version)'' pl ... [more] (16.60 MB) 02-25-2015 221 0
Downloads  The TMT Mod (NYGM version) : The TMT Mod (NYGM version) ------------------------------------- this mod is for use only on NYGM v3.3c the TMT(NYGM version) is: 1. ... [more] (13.41 MB) 02-25-2015 52 0
Downloads  Poor Man Enigma Mod V2.7z : Poor Man Enigma Mod Readme by Tycho & LGN1 Nov. 2015 This mod provides a 'poor man' Enigma in SH3. 'Poor man' because the encryptio ... [more] (2.52 MB) 02-19-2015 275 3
Downloads  Submarine Tracking Room V8.7z : SH3 Submarine Tracking Room V8 Readme Written by LGN1 ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS. V8 Changes: ----------- - Added coordinates for ... [more] (8.28 MB) 02-09-2015 293 2

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