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Latest Files
Most Popular Files
Most Popular Files
Open Horizons II v2.5 36,855
MightyFine Crew Mod 1.2.1 - Updated 03-22-2010 36,430
The Wolves of Steel 2.2_SH5 Exp.Pack_v2.2.6_Full 27,787
Accurate German Flags V.1.01 27,375
TheDarkWraith's New UI for SH5 v7.4.2 25,289
Mod enabler JSGME (correct ) 21,773
Sober Silent Hunter 5 Mega Mod (New Version) 21,471
SH3-Resolution-Fix 20,879
MCCD "More Crew Commands by Dialog" MOD 20,571
Equipment_Upgrades_Fix_1_4 19,918
Trigger Maru Overhauled ver 2.5 16,482
SteelViking's Interior Mod V1.2 16,145
GWX3.0 SH3 Cmdr3.2 config files v1.2 installer 16,116
OpsMonsun_V705 14,920
Better And Realistic Flotation v1.3 14,886
The Wolves of Steel 2.2_Update_v2.2.6 13,791
Real Fleet Boat 2.0 12,982
Grey Wolves 3.0 GOLD Edition Expansion 11,651
Morale Mod NEW VERSION! 11,194
No Damn Bubbles, No Damn Halo Mod 11,065
Top Contributors
Top Contributors

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Download File (Click for description) Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  CW_REDOCTOBER_SILENT_VLS : Hey guys I was thinking why does the Typhoon not have a VLS. I mean the reason it is so big is so that it can carry a large number of S ... [more] (2.9 KB) 07-03-2018 35 0
Downloads  CW : Dawn Of UEO : INTRODUCTION Welcome to Cold Waters : Dawn of UEO Mod! Thank you for your interest and for visiting this mod page. Github is the of ... [more] (106.00 MB) 05-14-2018 312 1
Downloads  Red Storm Rising FREEROAM mod : Red Storm Rising FREEROAM Mod v0.1c --- by Skyhigh/Racer_D 17/8/2017 Features: --- Freeroam: you will not get missions during th ... [more] (19.46 MB) 08-17-2017 1566 21
Downloads  Cold Waters Realism Mod : With the new beta of Cold Waters (1.09b) I've decided to upgrade my mod. Below is a readme file: Installation: Place the override fol ... [more] (13.3 KB) 07-24-2017 1381 9
Downloads  Cold Waters Soviet Campaign : Soviet Campaigns (North Atlantic Red 1984 and North Atlantic Red 1968) The mod is an attempt at making 1984 and 1968 campaign playab ... [more] (24.47 MB) 07-10-2017 4243 63
Downloads  Permit and LA Available Boats Mod : This mod limits the boats you can be issued in the Permit class to only the short hull, small sail boats as pictured in the game. Los A ... [more] (2.8 KB) 07-10-2017 185 2
Downloads  Omitted American Submarines : Updated for game version 1.08C Installation instructions copy the "override" folder from this download into your C:\Program Files (x8 ... [more] (8.19 MB) 07-07-2017 2149 19
Downloads  Longer Campaigns: Marathon Edition : Tested compatibility: 1.07d (maintained) Special thanks: Killerfish Games Discussion thread can be found here BACKGROUND I fo ... [more] (9.4 KB) 06-23-2017 943 8
Downloads  500-yard MAD Range : Tested compatibility: 1.06b (updated) Special thanks: Xenophobia Discussion thread can be found here DESCRIPTION This simple ... [more] (3.0 KB) 06-18-2017 824 5
Downloads  Refined Sonar and Countermeasures : ReadMe: -Sonar intensities are now more reasonable. Submarines and certain surface vessels will be harder to detect. You will be h ... [more] (63.6 KB) 06-12-2017 1115 12
Downloads  Los Angeles class VLS mod : ***I'm not likely to update this further until CW has reached a state that offers more modding possibilities than just messing around ... [more] (195.9 KB) 06-08-2017 4770 48

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