Here is the new roadmap we’ve compiled for the future development of the game.


0.24 : Simplified mission editor.

This patch introduces a simplified mission editor, as well as Steam workshop support. This is a stopgap measure before we introduce the real level editor in patch 0.30. In this mission editor the player can set mission parameters for an open sea mission, and share the mission with the community through Steam workshop.

0.25 : New water asset, all torpedo types.

In this patch we will design a new water asset. The new water will be more dynamic, it will support both calmer and more stormy weather conditions. The new water will be dynamically deformed by ships and will create wakes and foam in a realistic manner. This patch will also introduce all relevant torpedo types, including FAT and LUT torpedo patterns, as well as realism options for torpedo failure. The player will be able to choose a torpedo loadout depending on the in game year.

0.26 : Complete U-boat interior.

In the current version of the game only the conning tower, control room and radio room are implemented. In this patch we will add the rest of the U-boat interior: The aft and forward torpedo rooms, engine room, galley, officers and crew accommodations as well as new sonar and radio compartments will be modelled and textured in great detail. The control room and conning tower will be retextured using the correct paint scheme.

0.27 : New damage system for ships.

This patch improves the damage model for enemy ships. The new damage model will have detailed interior colliders for each part of the ship, and the ships will be able to deform, burn and break apart in a realistic manner.

0.28 : Global world map.

This patch introduces a global world map with correct land height and barymetric data for the entire world.

0.29 : New AI, Aircraft.

In this patch we will rewrite the enemy AI, making it more capable. This patch will also introduce aircraft, aircraft carriers, torpedo boats, enemies with forward throwing weapons and enemy radar.

0.30 : New level editor with land/global location.

This patch will introduce a complete level editor, using the global world map. The level editor will be used by us to create a campaign (a series of one off missions), and will also be made available to the player community. The editor will enable us to make missions that take place near the coast, such as harbour invasion missions. This patch introduces coastal defence, mine fields, anti submarine nets and block ships.

0.31 : U-boat flooding and damage.

In this patch we will build a realistic damage model for the U-boat. We will also model dynamic flooding of the U-boat interior.

0.32 : New character models/character creator.

In this patch we will build new character models and a character creator. The new characters will have greater variety in appearance and a larger selection of clothing and accessories.

0.33 : Dedicated servers.

In this patch the net code will be reworked in order to support dedicated servers.

0.34 : Playable corvette and Versus mode.

A playable corvette will be introduced to the game as well as game modes for U-boat versus corvette combat.

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