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Angle on Bow Guide

Setting up a good solution in the Torpedo Data Computer (TDC) is necessary for a successful torpedo shot. 

A good TDC solution is comprised of 4 parts:

  • Target Bearing
  • Target Range
  • Target speed
  • Angle on Bow

Bearing, range, and speed are fairly simple concepts but Angle on Bow is the piece that gives most new captains trouble. That's only because it hasn't been explained adequately. Once a new captain gets it, he will understand completely. This guide will attempt to explain Angle on Bow.

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First, it's important to know that "Bow" in Angle on Bow means the target ship's bow. "Angle" is the angle in degrees that your sub lies from the target ship's bow.  
The AoB is based on a scale from 0 to 180 degrees.

There is a Left and a Right.

This what you see when you look through your scope and view the target ship.
Imagine that you are standing on that ship... looking back at your sub.

If you were to lay a compass over the target ship, how many degrees from the target ship's bow does your sub lie?

In this case, the AOB is approximately 45 degrees RIGHT.


Make your estimate and set the AOB on the TDC dial accordingly.

The small window at the bottom of the dial allows you to fine tune the degrees, so you can see the arrow is pointing between 40 and the mark that is 50, the small bottom window shows ~green 5, which gives you 45 degrees RIGHT.

There is no tool to make this estimate, you have to judge it just like Prien, Morton, Wanklyn, and Krestschmer did. Over time you will gain experience and your estimate will improve. The better your estimate, the better your torpedo solution and chance of hitting the target.  
















LEFT 120


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