The results are in. By random drawing, the winners are:


1. J. Graham Fuller - Columbus, OH -Selected CCCP watch

2. Patrik Nordberg - Mariehamn/Finland - Das Boot video

3. Lane Goodman - Linton, IN - Fast Attack subsim

4. Mark Allen - Owasso, Oklahoma - CCCP watch

5. Kristian Maenpaa - Yliharma, Finland - CCCP keychain

6. Bram M. Otto - Netherlands - CCCP keychain

7. EastWest - South Africa - Grey Wolf subsim


We are notifying each winner by the e-mail address on their entry form. We'll start with the first winner and work our way down, allowing each winner to select from the prize pool. If a winner doesn't reply to three e-mails in four days, he/she will move down the list one place.

Thanks for entering the SSR Giveaway 98 Contest and offering your views on submarine gaming. Here are the survey results.