Silent Hunter Gallery
by Loren Sutherland

Silent Hunter is a DOS based subsim which means screenshots are not easy to get. Here are some neat screenshots captured using a digital camera. They give you an idea of the scope and power of the best WWII subsim.


bb1.jpg (86526 bytes)

Enemy sighted!

bb3.jpg (120864 bytes)

Facing down battleships

bb4.jpg (109435 bytes)
bb5.jpg (80075 bytes)

Target sinking

ch1.jpg (38562 bytes)

Chart view

ch2.jpg (46648 bytes)
ch3.jpg (36852 bytes) lg1.jpg (102683 bytes)

Pilot sighted!

lg2.jpg (76012 bytes)
pc1.jpg (92464 bytes) pc3.jpg (103367 bytes)

Look at these finely detail coastal cities!

pc4.jpg (94451 bytes)
sub1.jpg (102110 bytes) sub2.jpg (61454 bytes)

Enemy sub encounter

sub3.jpg (64866 bytes)
bridge4.jpg (127838 bytes)

Convoy attack

bridge3.jpg (134007 bytes)

Middle of the target!

sub4.jpg (68232 bytes)


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