Silent Hunter III Torpedo Data Computer
An anatomy of an attack


Find a match in the Ship Recognition Manual.



Determine the range by adjusting the stadimeter from the waterline to the top of the mast.



Solve for the angle on the bow.



Determine the speed using the stopwatch.



Ok, you now have a TDC solution,



Open outer doors






Eel is running straight and true....



The result... I missed!

So, what does that say? Menno would say Onkel Neal can't shoot straight.
StdDev would say, "Neal, why don't you get a little closer, 3000 meters is long range."
Neal says, "I'm very glad to see that if you do not have a really good solution, you miss. Missing at 3000m
is very realistic."


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December 08, 2007


2004 SUBSIM Review