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What do you do when you've enjoyed three years on the top? Why, you celebrate, of course! In honor of Sonalysts' and Seawolves' continuing commitment to Jane's 688(I), SUBSIM Review proudly holds a 688(I) Revival! Get ready to sing some rockin' hymns to the best nuke subsim in the house. Amen that!

History of Jane's 688(I)

688(I) Sweepstakes! Prizes!

Kim Castro's 688(I) Flashback

New utilities for Jane's 688(I)

ADM Blue's 688(I) "Bluebook"
Tactics Guide
Kasey Chang's Unofficial
Strategy Guide and FAQ
Jane's 688(I) Tactics & Tips

v1.07 No 3D Cheat Patch

Virtual Fleets

FIX MY 688(I) Petition




688(I) Revival art by JD Hannah

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