SH5 Mod: Better And Realistic Flotation v1.3

Changes ship properties to put the results of a torpedo attack more in line with expectations. Aim is to make it possible to sink any ship without resorting to depleting it’s HP; i.e. sink it by flooding.

Just to be clear, it’s not about strict realism (what would happen in real life), but subjective realism (what we expect to see in the game).

Comes in 3 modules:

BARF full: flotation tweaks + flooding times increased
BARF lite: flotation tweaks only
BARF HP balance: changes HP to be more in balance with the mods objective

Just extract the contents of the zip to your JSGME ‘MODS’ folder and enable:

1. Either “BRF 1.3 full” OR “BRF 1.3 lite”
2. “BRF 1.1 HP balance” if desired

HP balance is optional, both for convenience and for avoiding possible incompatibility. Should another mod already mess with the .zon files for the ships, you can still use the core mod; ie. the HP balance is not strictly necessary for proper functioning of the flotation tweaks.


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