Scenes from Multiplayer: Silent Hunter 4

Game ONE A n00b charges in
Audie and The Art of Warfare gang set up a private 7-man LAN game over the web using Himachi. In attendance are Einhardt, Spike, Nightshadow, Zorg, JumpMonkey, and Mac.
One missed ahead....
...three missed astern....
...and now there's hell to pay.
We can't shake the determined Japanese destroyer skipper. All I can think is, in 30 years he will be selling me motorcycles.
My sub clawing it's way to the surface. The bow broaches because...
...aft compartment is flooding. Pump is smashed but the crew is working on it.
My stalwart crew stay at their posts.
My last look at the sky....tell Tammy I love her... and keep away from that bastage, Tom!
Game TWO Neal's revenge!
Targets sighted!
First victim.
Old Kuma class cruiser takes a hit but Audie puts the fatal shot in him.
The show begins.
Large Passenger ship, 9551 tons, my first Navy Cross.
Keel broken and going down.
Final tally, 16,378 tons, and I kept my crew alive.
Lucky? Of course!
Final score, I best Spike by 344 tons, but he gains more renown. Audie's annihilation of three escorts made hunting pretty easy.

The game ran very smoothly. Himachi is the way to go. If you install it, be sure to check the setting to disallow file sharing and you are ready to go. Join server Subsim SH4, password: dan