SH4 Mod: Wolves of the Kaiser:1914-1918

Autumn 1914. Europe is in turmoil; idealism and glory are dying with the Continent’s youth in the trenches. Your nation is in the grips of its enemies’ deadly blockade. Desperate for victory, Imperial Germany’s Navy has turned to a barely tested mode of warfare to counter the Grand Fleet’s might. Likewise, a public weary of slaughter in the trenches looks to its undersea pioneers for tales of gallantry.

Lead your submarine and crew against the might of Britain’s Grand Fleet. Stalk enemy battlecruisers and pre-dreadnoughts as they sail into your crosshairs. Scout out “Neutral” freighters carrying contraband using an all-new Prize Warfare system. Blast holes in enemy craft from a distance with torpedoes or close in for the kill with small arms, shells, flares, and explosive charges. Cringe as explosions send shells, wood, men, and metal hurtling towards your conning tower. As the conflict drags on, war weariness sets in and more nations turn against the Kaiser. Sonar, depth charges, mine barrages, and the infamous Q-Ships make war at sea the same nightmarish struggle found on land and in the air. The last embers of prewar chivalry flicker and die; desperation to survive is paramount. Will you survive the “War to End All Wars?” Or will a cold steel hull be your only tomb?

AI Bot running SUBSIM, what could go wrong?!