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If you already have a First Officer, Captain, Admiral, Ace, or Overlord  badge by your name, then click the button below to make a Fundraiser donation.
  If you are not an existing contributor, if you do not currently have a badge like those to the left, then you want to CLICK HERE to make a donation--that way I can ensure your account is upgraded, you get access to the Bonus Mods, and the SUBscriber's Forum.
Please be sure to include your forum nickname in the donation comments on the Paypal page, thanks!

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Or, after you make your donation, simply send Neal an email and let him know the donation ID and your forum nickname!
Click here: "Neal, my forum nickname is: __________ & Transaction ID is _______

If you see the current Fundraiser Contributor badge by your name then it means Subsim has counted your recent donation, you are good.




If you made a donation in the last 30 days, your account will have a Fundraiser Contributor badge by your name; if not, simply send me a message with your username and the date you made your donation and I will have the badge added to your account:
Click here: "Hi Neal, my forum nickname: __________ & Transaction date _______


New donors: CLICK HERE to make a donation and be part of this fundraiser for the web's oldest naval sim website!

Plus get an upgraded forum account and access to the Bonus Mods and tools!

Pulling together to make Subsim stronger!