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Default [S3G] The Silent Hunter III Guide - Not Only For Beginners of [SH3]

LAST CHANGE: 20170208

This thread is meant as a documentation-resource in the sense of an FAQ and not intended for discussion.

If you have a question that you would like to raise, please try to use the search-function here on Subsim. If that does not help we have included links to the discussion-threads of the very projects. So if you want to ask a question, please post there in the mentioned threads because those deal with that specific topic there.
01 - This Overview On Contents
02 - Resources - What You Really Need!
03 - (Re-)Installation Of SH3
04 - Multiple Installs
05 - Mega-Mods
06 - Recommended Mods And Modding In General
07 - Recommended Tools And Addons For Players
08 - Multiplayer-Gaming
09 - Tactics And Strategy
10 - Historical Research For Those Who Like To Know . soon: Technical & Historical Research
11 - THE LAST KNOWN VERSION OF SH3-Community-Manual
12 - Technical
13 - Silent Hunter III-Nomenclature
14 - Reserved for N.S.'s post

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Resources - What You Really Need!

  1. You need reliable download-resources:
  2. You need this stuff in any case:
    • - a working copy of SH3 (which will mostly be a DVD, there are STEAM and other Download-Versions of SH3, too)
    • - this guide for reference
    • - S3C - no matter what, it is a must have if you want to enhance game-fun
    • - JSGME - for configuring/adding/removing/testing mods
    • - Tunngle - for multiplayer-gaming
    • - S3F - which eases your life and replaces many tools used before with new functions in an ALL-IN-ONE-solution.
  3. You need a place to discuss your view or ask questions:
    • -
    • - If you like intellectual folklore and understand German then pay a visit to the artists at - but: You have been warned!

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(Re-)Installation Of SH3's basis: V1.4b

There might be different opinions, but this approach actually works, so let's get some things straight right ahead:
  1. The first victim of UBI's user-rights-nonsense is the user himself. We have seen their "support" on dealing with Starforce.
  2. Starforce is NOT compatible with Vista, nor with succeeding Windows-versions, and will not be. It must be removed.
  3. A clean and unmodded stock install (also called "plain vanilla") is the basis for ALL big-mods for SH3.

Now the GOOD NEWS and this is going to help EVERYONE:
  • We have worked out several experiences of players returning to SH3 (mostly from SH5) and can help you.
  • You can get yourself ANY version on eBay. If you got a Revival Edition you will NOT need this guide.
  • Follow THIS document VERY CLOSELY (this is crucial, you'll see why) and TO THE LETTER.
  • You will be able to enjoy the unterwater-world of SH3 in ANY version of Windows!
  • You will be able to play without the DVD in the drive!
  • You will never have to care about the Starforce-nonsense again!

= Very Important! =
  1. Do not install to the "Program Files (x86)"-folder-structure or anywhere in there as proposed by Ubisoft-Installer.
  2. Always guide the installer to a custom path, for instance d:\SH3-stock and do NOT use space characters in this path-name!
  3. Update if necessary to V1.4b as can be seen here - you can check what version you have using S3F
  4. StarForce-freed as described here

Here's which steps to take to get it running. Again: Please follow CLOSELY.
Only if you had installed SH3 before:
  1. Copy your careers and data by securing the ...\data\cfg folder to anywhere you like.
    => That way you do not lose your careers, settings, missions which are stored in %USERPROFILE% (Windows-handle).
  2. Uninstall SH3.
    => Needed. Otherwise it is not going to work.
  3. Run SFRemove, which is the removal-tool of your/our choice.
    => Needed to get the uninstall clean.
  4. Reboot.
    => Needed by Window-cleanup-routine because you have just done a driver-uninstall.

    Begin SH3 Installation:
  5. Begin installation of SH3 as normal, BUT:
    => Change the installation-path so you do NOT install to the default path "Program Files (x86)". Choose for example d:\SH3-stock
    => Do NOT uses spaces in the name of your desired installation-path. DO NOT do it!
  6. When you get to Game Shadow: ***CANCEL*** that install.
    => You will never need that outdated thing anyway.
  7. When you get to finish screen DO NOT press "Finish".
  8. Execute the patch-to-1.4b with settings "Run As Admin" and XP service pack 2.
    For the version I use this file is for instance called "silent_hunter_3_dvd_1.4b_emea.exe"
    => It is crucial to do this with Admin privileges, DO NOT try anything else or it is not going to work!
  9. ONLY after #8 has completed, THEN hit finish.
    => This might look weird, and yes it is. But DO NOT close that install earlier. THIS IS VERY CRUCIAL!!
  10. Then the launcher screen runs to check system specs and a reboot message appears. DO NOT reboot!
    => This is crucial as well. DO NOT reboot or it is not going to work.
  11. Exit the specs-check screen. DO NOT choose Launch. THIS IS VERY CRUCIAL!!
    => If you run the game at this time, you are toast. So DO NOT do it!
  12. Overwrite the files in the SH3 installation dir with the files in "NO DVD rld-sh14.rar" which google finds for you! Or the 24th flotilla.
    => This is also to ensure you do not need the DVD in the drive when playing.
  13. Rename ...\data\Movies\Intro\ to something else, for example: Original Intro
    => The Intro is on many systems spoiled anyway and you will love quick startups.
Only from now on RUN the game. Should now work. I strongly recommend to make a .zip of your installation NOW - you will need it. Promised. You may now also copy back your previously backupped files. And If you have accidently run the game prior to this moment, then you have thereby activated StarForce. What? Yes... Read on...

Starforce-Solution? Yes!
In case you mistakenly activate the Starforce-Protection, and that is done by starting the game, there is a removal-tool at your disposal. Please run that removal-tool and reboot again before playing SH3. You may want to read why here.
System-Demands and Configuration
- SetKeys - Change The Keyset - NEW: Simply run this function using S3F which detects your language
SetKeys is capable to assign up to six keys to one command and includes this macro-function of chain commands.
- Play it with Voice-Commands using SPEECH. (Link broken at the moment, will update)
Notes on certain Windows-versions and patches.
Installation of SH3 on anything later than WinXP (Vista, 7 / 8 / 10...) - many links from there!
A special case: Windows 7 32 bit (!)
PATCHES FOR SiLENT HUNTER III [SH3] and their appropriate installation
STEAM and other Download-Versions of SH3
Limits and known bugs & issues
See 'Bugs still present after 1.4b patch'-thread
The only major thing are game crashes: SH3 runs very stable. But a known issue are CTDs due to defective Savegames. Read these threads or ask us for help: Crashes Loading Save Games: 2 Solutions
  • Never rewrite a save file (Rather name your saves like patrol1a, patrol1b, patrol2a ...)
  • Always save on TC= 1
  • Always save while you are in the command central.
  • Never save if there are contacts present
  • Try not to save close to land
  • Try not to save submerged
A way to fix save corruption
did anyone ever figure out how to fix the corrupted save game issue
Game Resolution
SH3's ingame-resolution is not 2016's state-of-the-art, but with some tricks you can expand it up to 1280x1024 or even WIDE-SCREEN. SH3 works in these standard resolutions:
5:4= 1280x1024
4:3= 1024x 768

The HiRES-FiX (D3D9.dll) that we all have been using until now does only work for 4:3-screens.

Since most of us use wide-screen-displays nowadays, let me tell you that there indeed ARE Widescreen-GUIs around, and not only for GWX as mentioned. So far I have seen in A-Z order:

Ahnenerbe's Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080
Conus' SH3GWX Widescreen Mod (GWX only! Defaults to 1360x768!) *
JCWolf's 1920 x 1080 Resolution Mod 2015
MaGUI's MaGui mod - Final version
OLC's [REL] OLC 'Gold' MkIId (ACM Reloaded as extension?)
Rubini's WideScreen GUI for GWX3.0&StockSh3 (defaults to 1360x768!) *
Vanjast's WideScreen 1920x1080 Project

Other GUIs are obviously either incomplete, do not include WS-features or are only "announcements" without any release. Here's a Youtube-clip showing how oversizing in Infinite_Screen works:

* Note here that some GFX-cards do not get clear with 1360x768. Then you got to edit the d3d9.ini and change there to 1366x768.


If you need more help and all else fails, we can offer to CHAT ON TS3 and have a TEAMVIEWER-SESSION.

Teamviewer FOR FREE

Teamspeak3 FOR FREE
Server is: ts3server://
Channel is: SH3 - Installation and Configuration

We even have a Howto: TeamSpeak for you guys.

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Multiple Installs

And YES! It is with only a few basic tweaks possible to have multiple installs of SH3 running on your system without interference. What's essential is that you, as soon as you have a basic install of Silent Hunter III patched to V1.4b running, make zip-archive of it, so that you can COPY that original install as many times as you want to different sub-directories - or simply let S3F do the copy-and-activation-work for you...

You may want to use one of these copies for playing a vanilla-game, another for testing mods and yet another for GWX and yes, yet another for NYGM, and... ah yes, yet another for LSH, because it's such a cool mod - and so on, and so on for as many installations as you like. That way you do not ruin your NYGM-career only because you wanted to try out that new Uber-Boot-mod or something. You still have the other directories UNinfluenced by that mod and still have a clean basis-version in your zip-archive...

But then? How do you handle all these installations?

Have MultiSH3 in every installation-directory to fix the Data-Path.
Have JSGME in every installation-directory to configure mods for this very installation.
Have S3C in every installation-directory along with its Big-Mod-Data-Files to have it run with this particular mod.

Simply let S3F do the copy, then let S3F do the multiple-installs-functions (MultiSH3 has 100% been recoded and included in S3F) and then let S3F run the corresponding versions of any other SH3-tool that is known.

Let me give you examples:

Nowadays I do no longer install by hand, I have burned a DVD with a correct installation and just unzip it on a new computer and then use S3F to make copies and S3M-activate them for parallel usage. S3F does all that for me - and for you, too!

Just never use default installation-paths (although even GWX has it as default!) and pick one on your own choice!

This way my directory-structure looks like this:

|DEF| has a detailed instruction with concrete examples here: Multiple Installs with GWM

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There are quite some big-mods around. Please do not bother asking which is better compared to which ever else. Just try them out... Now the best: You can find all the important big-mods in one place - for free and for you to try out. Good luck!

If you want to run a Mega-Mod, then the general "order of appearance" must be:
  1. Original SH3
  2. Update to 1.4b
  3. No DVD fix
  4. [your big-mod of choice], e.g. NYGM (see list below)
  5. S3C
  6. S3C Super-Mod-specific cfg files
  7. S3H
  8. S3S
  9. PATSH3R
    ( S3F can help you with most of this work )
  10. Mods to your liking (this is your "mod-soup")

01. GWX - Greywolves Expansion - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link
  • PRO: one of the best mods of all time, MANY extensional mods
  • PRO: by far the most popular mega-mod for SH3
  • PRO: works on older computers, very easy to install
  • CON: incorrect AI, way over the top as judged by real German U-Boot-KLs
  • CON: unfortunately no more continued since 2010
02. LSH - Living Silent Hunter III - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link
  • PRO: maybe the best PLAYABLE big-mod there is
  • PRO: LSH does the most to expand the "look & feel" of the game.
  • PRO: developed by people who went to sea with German U-Boote
  • PRO: better realistics, with a vast arsenal of extensions on board
  • PRO: still continued, finally a new version has been released
  • CON: does not work on older systems
  • CON: overly critic modders, pull everything else down
  • is basically a tuned CCOM plus: WS-GUIs, 10 ships, 20 planes, installer, Black Sea Campaign
03. NYGM - Not Your GrandMother's - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link
  • PRO: still continued, is the direct descendant of the super-mod "RuB"
  • PRO: is the work of capable programmers, one being from Ubisoft
  • PRO: The most realistic (="dark") gameplay and the most expanded AI.
  • PRO: Continuing from where Real U-Boat (RUB) left off.
  • CON: Some unrealistic "features" such as boat "sinking" at zero speed ("anti-hummingbird").
  • a direct descendant of the original multi-developed super-mod RuB.
  • has always been the closest to an 'officially approved' super-mod for SH3.
04. WAC - War Ace Campaign - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link
  • PRO: The most beautiful harbours ever
  • PRO: Every naval encounter is there in detail - WAC does the most to add real-life events.
  • PRO: The most elaborately fleshed-out campaign system with historic warship movements and battles.
  • PRO: works on older systems, too!
  • PRO: A new release of WAC is announced to come - read more here: [WIP] In The Works - War Ace Campaign Version 5.0
05. CCoM - Commander's Choice of Mods - Download-Link
  • PRO: still continued, maybe the best tested big-mod out there
  • CON: overly critic modders, pull everything else down, no adequate discussion possible
06. KotA - Knights of the Abyss - Download-Link
  • PRO: still continued, a German version is in the works
  • PRO: ANNOUNCED: 'Knights of the Abyss II: Hell is not over yet'
  • CON: could be cooperating with WAC instead of cooking another soup
07. PotD - Prowlers of the Deep - Download-Link

08. FF9 - Front-Flottille/9te - Download-Link

09. AOTD - Aces of the Deep Modpack - I am now waiting 6 months for Saesch to answer his mails!

10. FLB - Flottillenbasis

11. MEG - Mas Edition Grupsom - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link
  • PRO: is something similar to GWX3.0's effects but more "light" so you can have quick loading when you play online.
  • If you want you can try if MEG works with GWX3.0.
  • CON: Desga is not there to support it.
12. WEM - War Elite Mod - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link
  • PRO: most units, more than any other mod
  • CON: "Russian support"
13. UTW - U-Boats Total War is now included in KOTA

14. RUB - Real U-Boat by Beery Ian Cooper - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link15. IUB - Improved U-Boat - An "all in one" mod for SH3, incorporating Real U-Boat and many other mods.

16. WSM - War Ship Mod - You can even play warships with SH3...

Note: If you want to re-invent wheels or start on your own mod-soup, then make SH3 more beautiful:
a) SH3 V1.4b as basis
b) Look at these interesting things that bring you eye-candy:
Diving Ducks 'Open Hatch' mod, which was the first. It allows you to open the hatch to the forward section.
Lucagaeta's 'Conning Tower Open Hatch' mod, which opens the hatch to the conning tower. I works with DD's 'Open Hatch'.
FlakMonkey's 'New Interiors' mod, which adds a complete interior except for the aft torpedo room. It incorporates
DD's 'Open Hatch', so you use one or the other, but not both. 'Conning Tower Open Hatch' does not work with it.
Torpedo Room for the Type II, by MCHALO12.
c) a "top-environment" is for example:
volumetric clouds and fogs
d) Enhancing immersion/increase realism with... Gameplay-Mods and Addons

e) Consider joining an online-flotilla (in other games referred to as clans)

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Recommended Mods

Even when you have decided to go for a certain big-mod, there still are great a many extensions that you can play and we are going to list some of them here. Since the last update of this thread a sorting has begun.

Our fellow HITMAN has written such a list and in the next step we will recollect everything to have it here in one place. Until then, a valid place to start is his thread [INFO] Essential & great-to-have resources for SH3

I am going to include this and the old newbie-thread after next release of WAC and S3F, which are now my priority. If you want to take a look at other players' JSGME-MOD-List, have fun!

Until then, stick to the lists provided in this very thread or our old collections:
Hitman's List - Essential & great-to-have resources for SH3
List of Silent Hunter III Mods & Utilities (No longer updated)
Even older:

I am resorting all those old threads step by step so nothing gets lost.

Modding In General

If you want to dive deeper, and that is into modding, only then you need certain tools which are not helpful for the beginner.
Just to mention some of which we use...
10.01 7z - to pack our data - Download-Link
10.02 NPP - Notepad Plus helps you compare and edit texts - Download-Link
10.03 JSGME - for configuring/adding/removing/testing mods - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link
10.04 S3F - to comfortably run multiple installs for testing - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link
10.03 GiMP- to modify graphics - Download-Link
10.04 XVI32-HexEdit - to edit raw data - Download-Link
10.05 OllyDbg - Download-Link - H.sie gave me that nice tool long ago and I do not regret it!
10.06 S3D - Silent 3ditor by Skwasjer - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link
10.07 Diving Duck has also such a section: but most links are dead there.
10.08 Pack3D (by Sensal) to handle import/export and the .dat-files
10.09 Diving Duck's Scaling Wall - and more:
10.10 Timetraveller's SH3 Unpacker extracts/inserts/views the TGA files in a dat - Download-Link


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Recommended Tools And Addons For Players

06.01 S3C - SH3-Commander (also called SH3C) - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link

SH3-Commander is not a mod per se. It is an AWESOME addon-program that allows you to manage you crew, award medals, change numerous settings, add sabotage and/or malfunctions, and a heap of other things. It complements any supermod you choose with a host of controls and details which add to whatever campaign you choose.

Definitely a must have for SH3. It is one of those "Don't leave home without it"-programs for SH3. Its latest version is V3.2.

Optional are S3C-specific MODs (Yes! S3C has his own MODs!)
  3. Sailor Steve's SH3 Cmdr Load Screens
  4. WB and Cezbor's SH3 Cmdr extra promotions
  5. WB's SH3 Cmdr mod for IABL's MFM Skin Pack v3
  6. WB's SH3 Cmdr mod for Rubini's Air Torpedoes v2.0
  7. WB's SH3 Cmdr accurate torpedo loadout
  8. WB's SH3 Cmdr Combimod
  9. WB's SH3 Cmdr VIIA
  10. WB's SH3 Cmdr Kurfurst's Schnelltauchback mod
  11. WB's SH3 Cmdr GWX Mid-Patrol Radio Orders
  12. WB's SH3 Cmdr date mod for TDW's DC Water Disturbance v4.0
  13. WB's SH3 Cmdr random mod for TDW's DC Water Disturbance v4.0
  14. WB's SH3 Cmdr 99% realism mod
  15. WB's SH3 Cmdr patch for h.sie's en_menu
  16. WB's SH3 Cmdr XXI 1939
  17. WB's SH3 Cmdr Randomised Intro Messages
  18. WB's SH3 Cmdr Warning Orders (GWX ONLY!)

S3C lets you:

Add mods which only take effect after a specified date
Add mods which are selected randomly from a set of alternatives
Add mods which take effect randomly, but only after a specified date
Add mods which only take effect if you have chosen a particular U-boat type
Add mods which only take effect if you have chosen a particular flotilla
Change only a portion of an SH3 text or binary file without replacing the entire file
Change a portion of an SH3 text or binary file only during a specified time period
Change a portion of an SH3 text or binary file selected randomly from a set of alternatives
Change a portion of an SH3 text or binary file randomly, but only during a specified date range

All of these changes are applied when SH3 is started from inside S3C.

All of them are removed and the original files are replaced when S3C is rolled back. ALWAYS HAVE ROLLBACK=ON !

In addition, you can change the parameters of just about any option which can be set in S3C, such as career length, malfunction effects, or even wave height. Use it to apply MFM skins at appropriate dates, to randomize the band music (and pinups!) and to update the “Sperrenetze” charts. And even more...

06.02 JSGME - JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link

This tool provides you with both insight and overview of the mods installed and you can easily configure, install (=activate) or deinstall(=deactivate) mods to your liking.

If you want to see what modders of the entire world have done to improve SH3, then you better have this tool installed! Do yourself that favour! Its latest version is V2.6.0.157.

Even more questions?

06.03 S3F - SH3-Front-End - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link

SH3-Front-End is a tool that integrates all big-mods and all other tools under one desktop. Follow the link. All you need including download-links are on page#1. Everything you need is regularly updated in the 15 first posts of that thread. The rest is discussion.

06.04 ME2 - SH3-MissionEditorX2 - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link

06.05 Screenshots

Sure at some time you want to show what fun you had. We even have a SH3-screenshot-thread about this. We recommend that you use PicPick if you do no longer like the internal CTRL+F11 function which is not suitable for certain resolutions.

06.06 How to post a screenshot? [FIRST POST UPDATED WITH VIDEO TUTORIAL]

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There is an immense amount of game-fun that you will be missing unless you join up for multiplayer- and online-wolfpack-operations. Therefore you need:

07.01 Tunngle - Tunngle Network Software Adapter - Discussion-Thread - Download-Link - Howto - Overview
Tunngle creates a network over your existing internet-connection. In short: Download Tunngle, run it, create a free account and make a port-forwarding for port 11155 in and out (TCP & UDP).

Information as to open TCP/UDP ports 17997 through 18003 to allow up to 8 players to join is OUTDATED and derives from the times before UBI closed their servers.

07.02 TS3 - TeamSpeak Voice-Chat Software - Howto - Download-Link
TS3 lets you voice-chat while playing SHx.

07.03 Find players on Tunngle-SilentHunterIII (Tunngle offers a dedicated server-channel for us!)
Just open channel "SilentHunterIII".

07.04 You may also join one of the still (!) active wolfpack-clans, also called online-flotillas, find them in the

07.05 Make Sure You Run The EXACT(!) Same Mod-Setup.
For instance: If you run WAC and other players run GWX or an own mod-soup then the MP-game will crash, so this is essential!


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Tactics And Strategy

There is a vast amount of good documents on manual targetting, tactics and how our grandpas actually did what they achieved. I am trying to recollect everything in the S3A-Documents-Section and link to everything from here.
This section is being updated/rewritten bit by bit - starting now

I am now open to input here - write me a PM!

Solution Solver version 1.3.3 - Visual targeting tools & aids.
Hydrophone Tracker v1.1b - Track targets without a sonar ping!

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09 - Historical Research For Those Who Like To Know

There are a number of interesting websites about U-Boote (thus mostly German), some of which are:
Historisches MarineArchiv
Kriegsmarine Planquadrate (grids)
Kriegsmarine Marinequadratkarte
U-Boot-Zentrale - Die informative U-Bootseite im Netz
U-Boat Radar Warning Receivers - Metox, Wanze, photos
OKM-Tagung 1944
Convoy Index Page -
Torpedo-Loadouts for LSH
(Location of sinking!)
(KTBs [Eng])

(Juergen Rohwer's Chronicals 1939-1945)

Here you can find TRUE U-BOAT MARINE COATS

Sub versus Sub? Yes, that really happened:
U 4 versenkt am 10.04.1940 HMS THISTLE mit zwei Torpedos (ein Treffer)
U 9 versenkt am 10.05.1940 die französische DORIS mit einem Torpedo
U 35 versenkt am 01.08.1940 HMS SPEARFISH mit einem Torpedo
U 144 versenkt am 23.06.1941 die sowjetische M 78 mit einem Torpedo
U 149 versenkt am 27.06.1941 die sowjetische M 101 mit einem Torpedo
U 140 versenkt am 21.07.1941 die sowjetische M 94 mit einem Torpedo
U 584 versenkt am 10.01.1942 die sowjetische M 175 mit einem Torpedo
U 123 versenkt am 18.04.1943 HMS P.615 mit einem Torpedo
U 565 versenkt am 15.11.1943 wahrscheinlich HMS SIMOOM mit einem Torpedo

Monthly losses:

Misc Links from DEF:

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Default Videos worth watching

17. Flottille "Paukenschlag"
CCiP's "Blind Man's Tale"

Mistaken for Videos, instead being actual code:

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Technical Stuff about U-Boote coming up here!
The High Frequency Direction Finder

Download EnigmaSim v7.0.6 (Zip 3.1 MB)
Please check the readme file before installation.

How the Enigma machine works

Numerous videos on how the Enigma machine works

The DEF (Doenitz Elite Flotilla) has an entire thread on how to do all this:
Doenitz Elite Flotilla - ENiGMA Encryption - PICTURED step-by-step-howto

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Silent Hunter III-Nomenclature

S3A - Silent Hunter III-Archive
S3Ba - Silent Hunter III-Backup4SP (included in S3MT)
S3Br - Silent Hunter III-Briefing Editor (included in S3MT)
S3C - Silent Hunter III-Commander (also referred to as SH3C)
S3Co- Silent Hunter III-Contacts (by Nicolas)
S3D - Silent Hunter III-Editor (by Skwasjer)
S3DC- Silent Hunter III-Dynamic Campaign (by Macchiavelli) - Thread - @MODDB
S3E -
S3F - Silent Hunter III-Front-End (by BL!TZKR!EG)
S3FA- Silent Hunter III-File Analyzer
S3G - Silent Hunter III-Guide (by BL!TZKR!EG)
S3Ge- Silent Hunter III-Gen (by GlobalExplorer)
S3H - Silent Hunter III-H.sie-Patch (automated version included in S3F)
S3i - Silent Hunter III-Inspector (by Timetraveller)
S3J -
S3K - Silent Hunter III-Keymapper (by Jimimadrid)
S3L - Silent Hunter III-Log (by LGN1)
S3M - Silent Hunter III-MultiSH3 (included in S3F plus COPY-Functions)
S3MT - Silent Hunter III-Mission Toolkit (by BL!TZKR!EG)
S3N -
S3O - Silent Hunter III-Operation Spinnennetz (by Canovaro & BL!TZKR!EG)
S3P - Silent Hunter III-Patrol (by Stiebler), released as part of NYGM since V2.5
S3Q - Silent Hunter III-Quite Sophisticated U-Boot-Communications (by BL!TZKR!EG)
S3R - Silent Hunter III-Radio Traffic Exchange (by ExFishermanBob)
S3S - Silent Hunter III-Stiebler-Patch (automated version included in S3F)
S3SK- Silent Hunter III-SetKeys (by Cavalier889)
S3T - Silent Hunter III-TweekPak (by Wolfie)
S3U - Silent Hunter III-Unpacker (by Timetraveller)
S3V - Silent Hunter III-Validator
S3W - Silent Hunter III-Weather (by Sqweetis)
S3X - Silent Hunter III-Terrain EXtractor (by Ref)
S3Y -
S3Z -

PATSH3R is now continued!
SH3 Poor Man's Enigma by LGN1
Submarine Tracking Room by LGN1
Silent Hunter III-ToolPack coming up....

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Icon14 LAST UPDATE 20170208

Originally Posted by BigWalleye View Post

Go and see what BLITZKREIG has started putting together. (...) This is a great idea. Very useful, even after SH3 has been out for 9 years. (Says something about the durability of the game, doesn't it?) To judge by this forum, new players are still finding and trying SH3. Old-rime players are coming back. One source for what is available and what is widely used can be a big help. And the detailed installation and modding instructions are going to save a lot of people's hair.

Originally Posted by banryu79
... I'm only writing cause I want to thank you for your useful thread about the whole modding stuff around SH3.

That thread is a fantastic resource for everybody, and I found it well thought out and well sorted, easy to use even for the total newcomers.

So, again, kudos to you
Thanks mate. Very much appreciated!

Please allow me some time! you see I have updated the thread almost EVERY QUARTER since I started it.

Also, please write me private mails on feedback or questions as I have kindly requested in post #1.

I am working on it and hope to catch up soon There' still so much to do...

Originally Posted by THEBERBSTER View Post
04-04-2015 at 09:13 AM:
My thread
has been merged with BL!TZKR!EG'S in the interest of having a 'One Stop Shop' for all your Silent Hunter III Requirements - Questions - Anything SHIII

Silent Hunter III [SH3] Guide Not Only For Beginners

S3F - Silent Hunter III-Front-End - the NEW way to go
Hey dear Berbster and many, many thanks for the friendly mail-exchange!

I wish the big-modders would have cooperated so friendly in the past.
I am also happy to see that you got your signature going now. Glad I could help you a bit.

I will for sure include a link to your tutorials here in the S3G (Silent Hunter III-Guide).

Shakehands, fellow!
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