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Get ready for a whole new level of realism!
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Default Living Silent Hunter III V5 - Download – Mod’s Tool’s, Info’s and Support..

New Dec-24-2012:
Dear SH3-Community and LSH3-Players,

We will not be able to release LSH3_V6 until Christmas. Not due to the end of the world, but the comprehensive works on the GUIs, the new units and the MODs included, combined with a higher level of presence in real life we are not able to keep this date.
So it may be April bevor we can release LSH3_v6, depending on real lives work.

However we think it is the right time to tell you what will be included into LSH3_V6.

The first obvious innovation is the new installer. After a few question it will do all the file-copying and the installation of SH3-Commander and h.sie’s Patch V16B1.

The major modifications have spent on the GUIs. There will be the following versions:
- LSH3_V6-StandardGUI (4:3, integrated as basic GUI)
- LSH3_V6-OLC-GUI (4:3, as a MOD in JSGME)
- LSH3_V6-Widescreen-GUI (16:9, as a MOD in JSGME)
- LSH3_V6-OLC-GUI (16:9, as a MOD in JSGME)
Furthermore, after release of LSH3_V6, there will be the basic GUI available adapted for LSH3_V5.1 in LSH3_V6-Style (4:3 und 16:9) for older hardware which might not be able to run LSH3_V6.

A few words concerning the hardware requirements.
While LSH3_V5.1 used a little more than 1,7GB RAM, LSH3_V6 is crossing the die 2GB-boundary and will need 2,5GB in RAM.
This will lead to a hardly playable game on x86-PCs with 4GB RAM unless the machine is not properly cleaned up (less tasks as possible). Therefore x64-systems with 6GB RAM or will be the reference!

So what will be included into LSH3_V6?!!
  • Among the first places of the survey there were the „Interior-MODs“ for Typ II by Mchalo and Typ VII by Flakmonkey/DivingDuck, enhanced by Wurmonkel with the SH5-Interiors. Both are available as additional MODs!
  • Additionally integrated, as a result of the survey are Testpilot’s MODs „New U-Boot Guns 1.2“, „Leitz Fernglas“, „Subfones“, „BMW R75“ and his reworked airplanes published at Marinesims.
  • Also TheDarkWraith’s „Ejecting_Pilot(s)_v2_0_SH3” is integrated, and a collection of diverse U-Boot-Skins are available as MODs.
  • LSH3_V6 will be fully prepared for h.sie’s Patch V16B1. The necessary changes to en_menu.txt and into the Campaign-file are done, the sh3.exe will be already patched in a MOD – you will just have to start the OptionSelector, choose your settings and activate the MOD.
  • The number of ships was increased to more than 300 units and will rise, when the new British destroyers made by der_Frosch are added.
  • The aircraft-branch was increased to a little more than 80 flying units!
  • Even new AI-U-Boats like the Porpoise-, Tambor-, Undine- and Sen-Toku-Class are now present in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea or Indic Ocean.
  • Some of the new units are present in Campaign, just to make sure you can meet them in the game.
  • In the relevant U-Boat-Bases the Escort Vessel will be present to give you a save escort back into the harbour when returning from sea.
  • The bases have been completely reorganised – the first flotilla in the list now is the “Erprobungsstelle”, from there on they are sorted by their flotilla number.
    For the 12th flotilla there are 2 transfers in the career to reproduce the transport of raw materials to and from Penang.
  • Now the Black Sea will be available as a flotilla for the friends of the type II-U-boats. The captain will be able to “experience” the retreat at the „Ostfront“.
  • The old map-colours are back. We decided to go back to the old colours of stock SH3.
So we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The LSH3-Team

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++
New Dec-11-2011:
Dear LSH3-friends,

we are proud to present you the MOD LSH3_V5.1_Frozen-Harbors.

After several months of hard work, Veers2007 made it possible that now the winter makes its appearance in (L)SH3. Extensive editing had to be done to the objects mostly in harbor_kit.dat and the connected TGA-files to make this hibernal atmosphere available.

Info-PDF-file here! - For download just click the release-banner below:

After the download unzip this MOD to your LSH3V5.1-installation-folder (e.g.: C:\MyGames\UbisoftLiving\LivingSilentHunterIII_V5. 1\MODS). After this verify that there is not a second folder named _LSH3_V5.1_Frozen-Harbors in the main one – the folders “data” and “documentation” should be visible.
When activating this MOD via JSGME-MOD Enabler we advise to do this as the last MOD to make deactivation easier if the hibernal season is over.

The LSH-Team

New Apr-02-2011:
Dear Silent Hunter III friends,

We have started a poll about Silent Hunter III MODS and TOOLS!
Please klick the banner:

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++
New 11-01-2010:
Dear LSH3 friends,

LSH3 V5.1 - Edition 2010 is now available for download on our servers:

The content is described below sufficiently!

We wish you to enjoy the new LSH3V5.1 - Edition 2010!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++
Hello friends of LSH3,

after the Football World Cup and the summer holidays, LSH3 V5.1 will be released soon.
We intend to release this Update until the end of September.

What will be included:
  • Changes were made to the terrain by Ottibald. He added and improved the airport at Kiel-Holtenau.
  • The coloured map, made by IFRT-WHUFC is included in LSH3V5.1.
  • The WoodenLifeboats from IABL are integrated.
  • The third search pattern used from the NA-Station is now available to plot the course out of the harbour of Kaseburg. Coming home you may end your journey using the SH3 function. Swinemünde has therefore become a neutral base in this time.
  • Bertl01 has researched new crash depths for the U-Boats.
  • Minor changes for the campaign files.
  • 9 new ships, 8 made taken from IABL plus the MS Steuben, made by SOM GROUP, converted by MOLKE 2005.
  • Matz1962 has added a new siren for the Ju87 which sounds much better than the older one.
  • Furthermore he changed the Ju88 from a level bomber to a dive bomber and added a new sound.
  • The LeighLights were moved to a new position, out of the aerofoil to a position below the wing. Of course this was not correct for the Wellington and the Liberator, but it looks much better than a light shining out of the body of the plane.

New MODS in LSH3V5.1
  • LSH3_V5.1_ATM_Blau, LSH3_V5.1_ATM_Gruen
    Matz1962 made a new atmosphere mod out of the basic work of OneLifeCrisis, Reece and Makman94. This one is available in two versions _LSH3_V5.1_ATM_Blau and _LSH3_V5.1_ATM_Gruen. As an amendment he added two sun-fix-mod***8217;s which can be activated after the corresponding main mod. The fixes are necessary if the sun appears in free camera (F12) as a flat disc.
    The brightness below the surface was considerably improved and now allows the very best screenshots in deep waters.
    Additionally new cloud formations were generated and the funnel smoke was improved.
A preview is available at:

Availability and Download:

LSH3V5.1 will be available in two versions:
  • As an Update for LSH3V5 to LSH3V5.1 for those who already use LSH3V5.
  • As a new full version LSH3V5.1 for those who download LSH3 for the first time.

What will not be included within LSH3V5.1
  • Flakmonkeys Interiors
    Due to the availability of this MOD currently only for Type VII we decided not to use it.
    If it will be available for the type IX in the foreseeable future we will of course use this MOD, because then the mostly used U-Boat types will be available.
  • OpenHatch by DivingDuck
    Generally speaking this MOD will do fine with LSH3V5.1, but there are faults in the details. Because the corrections of these faults will lead to other problems we skipped this MOD for LSH3V5.1.
  • LSH3-5_DFa-Flag&Penns_2010 von Anvart
    This MOD first offers the very nice newly animated flags. But they are not correctly fixed to the flagstaff.
    Beside this, the pennants, showing the ships sunk on the last patrol, will only be visible within less than 400m from your start position. To see the correct pennants, the player will have to exit the game, edit a U-Boat config file and then start the game again to see his pennants raised. This seemed to us to be a too complicated way for the player.
    Furthermore this MOD takes an unwished influence on the radar controls.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++

NEW: March-22-2010:

Further information here:

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++
NEW: Feb-08-2010:

Further information here:
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++
NEW: Feb-01-2010:

Further information here:
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++
Release: 12-14-2009
Dear Silent Hunter III Friends!

After nine month of intensive time of production, we are pleased to present the new LivingSilentHunter III V5 to the SH3-Player community.

Within LSH3 V5 are integrated:
- LSH3 V5 MainMOD
- Eleven LSH3 V5 AdditionalMODs
- Eight LSH3 V5 AdditionalMODs-Variants
- Six SH3-Tools.
This in-a-box-solution makes the game even more ***8220;Living***8221;.

The changes in LSH3 V5 in few words:
As a part of the new features of LSH3 V5 amongst others, the six new warships and six new merchant ships may be counted.
For the U-Boats it is now possible to see the torpedoes in the opened torpedo tubes. The U-Boat-Types, which in the course of time may be equipped with a snorkel, now can fly a flag at their flagstaff on the ***8220;Wintergarten***8221;.
To the world of SH3 comprehensive additions were made in Germany.
The ***8220;Jadebusen***8221; (Wilhelmshaven) with the new harbour ***8220;Wilhelmshaven***8221;, a Terrain-Update for ***8220;Swinemünde***8221;, the new harbour of ***8220;Kaseburg***8221; and due to a navigable ***8220;Kaiserfahrt***8221; even the new harbour at ***8220;Stettin***8221;.
Alongside the ***8220;Kaiser-Wilhelm-Kanal***8221; (with AutoPlotCourse) new bridges were built up, realistically operating sluices and further objects (e.g. Area Holtenau, near Kiel) are now available.
Moreover the harbour of Lerwick (Shetlands) was newly built; Salamis in the Mediterranean Sea is now available as a base for the U-Boats and St. Nazaire too received sluice-gates.

The following partly well known and developed MODs from V4, as well as new AdditionalMOD***8217;s, are available in LSH3 V5:

LSH3 V5 is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The LSH3 V5 full version is available for download at !

Special Information for US DOWNLOAD***8217;s:
Please read the Installation Manual carefully!!!
In case the download is aborted please retry!
Preferably choose the splitted version designed for slower DSL-Connection***8217;s.
Be aware, that within the first week ***8220;the whole world***8221; will try to download the file(s) right now.
For US downloads we especially prepared a second server. PLEASE try "Download Server 2" FIRST! See the second column of links in the download areas titled "DOWNLOAD".

Because the appliance, respectively the installation, of LSH3 in Version 5 were modified decisively, we advise to all SH3-Newbie***8217;s and SH3-Pro***8217;s to read the LSH3 V5-Installation Documentation FIRST, before starting a ***8222;new installation***8220;!
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++
Dear Rowi58,

You are the Creator and Father of LSH3 V5!
Without your courageous and unfailing dedication for LSH3, V5 would never have come off.
We hope you still will be sympathic to the team and the whole SH3-community!
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++

The LSH-Team would like to thank all the SH3-Players for the still large interests in SH3 and for the many worthwhile Information***8217;s and Tipp***8217;s during the last Years! Without you even such a in-a-box-solution would have been infeasible!

LSH3 Support: Here at this Forum or via:

Regards Blueduck

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SeaWolf U-57
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Thank you and your team for this awesome piece of work. This is a great present for Christmas.
From the first moment the patrol starts you can see the hard work and tireless effort your team has put into producing this mod. This will be the only mod I will be using for sure.
Again many Thanks and have a good Christmas
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Mr. Bad Wolf
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Thank you everybody on the team for your effort.
Both past and present members.

I'll look forward to find some time to try it out.

Download my mods from SHMF
Follow my photography here
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Many, many thank you for the very great MOD !!!!!!

Best regards,
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Yup, many thanks to all, and a merry Chistmas to the whole Team.
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My modifications for Ubisoft's SHIII can currently be found in Maik's comprehensive archives found via the Silent Hunter 3 Tab on his website:
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Finally got it to download in the allotted time. Everything is loaded and I'm about to take the Mod for a spin. I'm really excited, it looks like an awesome piece of work. Thanks to the development team and I'll keep you posted if I have any problems. Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!!
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What a great mod..........incredibly immersive. I do have a problem, I'm running on manual targeting with weapon officer support. I can't manually set the TDC, i.e., speed of target, AOB, etc. The dials pop up, but, I can't manually set them. Anyone else encountering this? Any help would be appreciated.
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Originally Posted by rugby6 View Post
What a great mod..........incredibly immersive. I do have a problem, I'm running on manual targeting with weapon officer support. I can't manually set the TDC, i.e., speed of target, AOB, etc. The dials pop up, but, I can't manually set them. Anyone else encountering this? Any help would be appreciated.
Hello !

Please write your LSH Configuration (what Mods have you enabled?) and
what a GUI do you use?

Best regards,
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Uber Gruber
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Where can I get 'technical' info on this mod, such as explanations for mod inclusions, sensor data resoning etc....stuff like that ?

I wouldn't want to blindly spend an age downloading and building a new install if thats okay.

Thanks ,UG
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Eternal Patrol
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Hi mate,

although it is in "German", please d/l the german manual and have a look at chapter F.

There you will find a complete documentation of mods used within LSH3 V5, what was changed and "who made what".

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Dominant Wolf
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Congrats, guys !
Your work appears to be a very nice improvement over the stock game.

Downloading !

@ Rowi : Hello sir ! Glad to see you here !
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Living Silent Hunter III V5.... Sound great!!! It's a good Christmas present. Many thanks. I will download it before "closing internet".
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Originally Posted by Magic1111 View Post
Hello !

Please write your LSH Configuration (what Mods have you enabled?) and
what a GUI do you use?

Best regards,
Hello Magic,

Thanks for the quick response. Here's the mods that I'm running:


I'm working with the mods slowly because I'm having some graphics issues also. Please tell me how to post a screenshot here and I'll be able to show exactly what problems I'm having. Thanks for your help.
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Thankyou very much for this great xmas present.
Have downloaded the full version (LSH3_V5_FULLVERSION) and checked it out with 7-zip "Test archive" and all is correct.
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Laufen zum Ziel
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Very well done and many thanks to the team. However I could not open it becausei it warned me that it was not a win32 file. Where did I screw up??
RIP Laufen zum Ziel
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