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Old 03-21-2008, 12:11 AM   #1
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Default [REL] Water Stream for Uboats!(Updated:April 9, 2008)

Update april 9, 2008
Version 4 released!

From the readme:

April 9, 2008
Water Stream for Uboats! V4
================================================== =================
This mod is compatible with GWX 2.0 and probably also with GWX 1.03
================================================== =================

This mod contain in truth 3 mods:

1. Wake bug fix for all playable uboats and also to all german Ai uboats. Exception to the playable XXI that I yet needs to look in (it uses more than one Ship Wake node...). This little mod fix that annoying "since Sh3 release broken wake texture" that was noticiable when sailing or emerging/submerging. (See the compatibility FAQ below for more informations)

2. Adjusted .sim files draught to put the uboats a bit more into the water. I also adjusted a bit the range since these uboats will now sail a bit more deep as default what means a bit less velocity/range in the end.

3. The Water Stream mod itself for all playable and AI German uboats. Exception to type XXI that needs a completely new template (to make each new uboat I need more or less +8 hours of hard work) and the AIboats XIV and XXIII (that also needs an exclusive new template). I will made then in some moment in the near future.
================================================== ================================================== ===

How this mod work?
I started this mod porting the water stream from Sh4. A lot of hard work was made to adjust each water stream (average 54 per uboat!!) in behaviour and location for each uboat hull. Also some days were spent just to find a way to have a "over water controller" to get a better behaviour on the water streams nodes for Sh3. The final result is, IMHO, better than in SH4. Note also that the most wind/bad water you have, the most water draining you will see.

Is it compatible with others mods that also uses the same files?
Well, this is a huge question.
-OLCE and RB's Fx mod are already compatible. (materials.dat). Just install then Over this mod.
-RB's exaust mod also uses .val files. So, just open RB's files with S3D, locate the ShipWake section, Height section, and adjust the MaxHeight from 0,15 to 0,45 to all uboats (save the files obviously) and you now have fixed the wake bug! Then just install RB's exaust over Water Stream mod and you now have both compatible. Tanks to PT that already made a compatible version; look for it on the main thread.
-This mod isn´t compatible out of the box with the upcoming GWX2.1 neither NYGM (i´m not sure about WAC), but the mod is obviously open for them (big mods: just read below)
-If you yet use the stock game then will be need to use the complete GWX2.0 uboats over it and then install this mod. This is untested anyway.

Any bug or problem?
The mod have not any bug or fps hit that I have noticed. But it is not perfect. It have limitations on the overall waterstream behaviour due SH3 engine limitations. I tried to make it the more smooth possible, avoiding that water jets that you see on Sh4. I also provided another more transparent water stream texture (on texture folder). Just rename and use it if you want to have a yet more smooth effect.

How to install?
JSGME ready. Can be enable between patrols (saved game).
================================================== ===================

Tomi's VIIC/41 users: this mod also adds water stream to Tomi's VIIC/41. Look for the folder "Tomi_VIIC41_WaterSTream_Ready" that comes in this package and read the readme inside to enable it correctly. You need to install Water Stream main mod, then Tomi's original files (v17 and above) and then the "Tomi_VIIC41_WaterSTream_Ready" for last. I needed to put it on a separated folder because it replaces the "stock" VIIC.
================================================== ===================

Thanks to:
Skwas by the wonderful S3D. Without S3D this mod could be never made (at least by me! lol).
Sansal by the Pack3D; its cloned function is yet a must.

Also really a big thanks for a lot of great guys from subsim that helped me so much with important feedbacks/suggestions allowing this mod to really brings to life. (I will not nominate the guys because I could forget someone and this was not good )

Any feedback is always welcome and very important!

This is a free mod. For individual use or for small new free mods, you can add or modify it for your taste without need to ask for permission. Just don´t forget to credit me by the idea and by the hard work that i had on the last past days.

Big mods: GWX, NYGM, WAC and others: if you want ANY of the features above on your mod (Water stream and Wake bug fix) please ask me first at subsim. Thanks.

Have fun!

Youtube link :
A 4min clip from the beta of the mod.
New over water controllers in action.
================================================== ========================

They are much better than the ones on SH4, no?

Here a close. This texture are from stock Sh4 but with some tweaks. In movement is really like water falling.

Each water stream have it´s own properties and slight different behaviours. So, the overall impression is really as in RL

Another close look.

Almost all the main holes will have it´s own water stream. I will use more or less 20 per side. The behaviour is very good in calm or heavy seas. Amazing when emerging!



One gamer's must-have mod is another gamer's waste of time.
-Sailor Steve

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Sailor Steve
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Looks good so far!
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—Rocky Russo
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Old 03-21-2008, 12:53 AM   #4
Ivan Putski
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I like the effect, looking forward to it. Puts
" Is He?..........Yeah..........Nothing Moving, But His Watch."
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Old 03-21-2008, 02:23 AM   #5
Grey Wolf
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Great mod Rubini !!!

Can't wait for VIIIc

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Old 03-21-2008, 05:47 AM   #6
Sea Lord
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Great addition Rubini!
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Chief of the Boat
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Looking really cool Rubini
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Oh my God, not again!!

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Old 03-21-2008, 08:49 AM   #8
Seasoned Skipper
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love it, verry good work
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Old 03-21-2008, 08:56 AM   #9
Ace of the Deep
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edit: BTW, the video of the French diesel boat here ... (at roughly 2-3 minutes) shows some live shots of water streaming from the casing holes ... I think you're right on.

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Ace of the Deep
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Hey, the last reason for me to buy SH4, did just sink to the very deep Atlantic Ocean and will assumably never come back

If my messed up english distorted the sense of the sentence above: Great work so far !
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It's an alpaca, ok?
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Very nice. I take there's no way to make the water sprites flat? I mean, they act like smoke right? They rotate to face the camera all the time? A flat sprite facing only straight ahead from the hole would make it look great.
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Old 03-21-2008, 09:14 AM   #12
Grey Wolf
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Great mod Rubini
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Old 03-21-2008, 10:45 AM   #13
Kpt. Lehmann
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Originally Posted by Dowly
Very nice. I take there's no way to make the water sprites flat? I mean, they act like smoke right? They rotate to face the camera all the time? A flat sprite facing only straight ahead from the hole would make it look great.
Very good question. If it can be made to lay flat against the hull... this is good stuff.
(Unless there is an associated FPS hit, since it is a particle generation.)

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Default Great

It gives the sh3 just a nice ton of reality. I cann hardly weit too see a VII series boats with u mod. Just a for great work.
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Old 03-21-2008, 12:12 PM   #15
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Yeeeeeees, very nice work there. Much better than SH4. Please, if all goes good, squeeze it into GWX 2.1 please, Kaptain. Crash diiiiiiiiiiiive.
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