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Default (REL) Pacific enviroment/ROW/Leovampire and Kriller2

This thread was started by Dave Bunnell aka Leovampire. Dave's creation of ROW for SH4 was the most exciting modification to SH4 since it's release. This is self evident by the amount of posting traffic. Dave's dedication, excellent work and memory will live on in this thread. When you install the mod and watch the sun rise and set, remember Dave's passion for SH4, creating the very best for all players of SH4. Dave was never one to say 'Final Release'. That is Dave's greatest gift to this community and SH4. The drive Dave had with ROW/SH4 and all his physical issues simply edifies one man's desire to strive for the very best for fellow players of the game, SH4. To put it simply, the mod was so good that most players would not play the game until Dave' fixed or enhanced his work when needed. That speaks volumes for Dave's creativity and passion for the game and the Subsim community. Dave was a genuine as genuine gets. Always stopping to help others with any problems concerning the game, even if it did not pertain to his mod! Dave's untimely demise 01/2008 warrants a continuation of this thread and his work. Dave was certainly a friend to all within this community.

Any new users having any problems installing this original work of Dave's, PM a moderator and we will get you set up for one of the best modification SH4 has ever seen. Enjoy Dave's work as much as he enjoyed bring it to you and the community.

Kriller2 has carried on for Dave and his work.

Krillers2 new work as of 03/27/2008

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______
Daves Original Work:

A tribute to Dave. Contributed by Dolittle:

A Tribute to Dave...Leovampire
BETA Release:

This MOD is about in game Graffics and effects only dosn't effect game play!

Creator's in Alphabeticle order: Jaketoox / Kriller2 / LeoVampire / l3th4l

Testers: Bill Nichols / John Channing / AVGWarhawk / Savages_Wolf /
Redwine / FooFighters / sqk7744 / rcjonessnp175 / WilhelmTell /
Tater / Reallydedpoet / Digital_Trucker

Credit's: Mav87 / Kapitan_zur_see / Captain Cox / WilhelmTell / Skwasjer /
Sergbuto / gouldjg / Canonicus / Jaesen Jones / Kosh / Time Travler / Wernersab /
Anvart / Subman1 / Hitman / Redwine / FooFighter / LukeFF / Torps and many more for some of the sound effect's and idea's that have come around over time here that we just added onto to make this mod! Take a Bow guy's! / Ubisoft / The Romanian DEV Team for bringing us this new Silent Hunter Series.

Okay as most of you know the main reason for this mod was to make the game's over all environment as realistic as possable and as pleaseing as possable so that us Skipper's would slow down a bit and enjoy the game more on the Bridge rather than speed their way through it. What started off as somthing small and simple turned into a super mega mod that hit's all object's in the game hence the over all size of it. This mod will over write almost every environment mod out there from Seeadler's to Kriller2's old work and build's upon them further to make more realistic effect's for the game's over all environment.

What it does and what has changed:

#1 The angle that all light comes from now matches their possition both above and under water IE Sunlight, Moon Light, Spot lights and so on. Before the light under water was at a fixed angle now it falows the angle of the light sorce. And because angle of light now matches where it comes from there are now proper Shadow effect's seen on the water and sub's and ship's.

#2 The camera has been re worked to show all celestrial objets the same size in fallow cam's free cam's and bridge cam plus you can now walk the decks of ships and sub's with it. And when inside of the sub your perspective view now moves with the sub to simulate your actualy being there.

#3 All reflections in the game has been enhanced for every object in the game and now appear as real to life as possable and distort as the sea becomes ruff.

#4 now the water is reflected onto ships and sub's in real form no more random reflection effect's both above and under water. And the deeper you go the more they fade until gone which never happend before in the game.

#5 Sky coloring and water coloring has been made more to a Pacifc color you should and would see in real life and the game now uses all sky color effect's for sun set's to sun rises.

#6 New Oil slik effect's and fire effect's and explosion effect's with reflection enhancements and lighting enhancments.

#7 Also new Seafoam effect's for the game that react to the wind to make it seem more relistic.

#8 That is just the tip of the iceburg and the rest you can find out for yourself!

Demmo video's of the mod from Stabiz Thanks for this awsome work!

Part 1

Part 2

Important Information on what ROW replaces or Builds on top of:

Living Breathing Ocean / Environment Mod / Visual Upgrade Mod / It will Replace the Zone's and Cargo files from both the light and Classic VS of Natural Sinking Mechanic's / Propeller Fix for sub's. mod / 9km Visabiltiy mod / Smaller Rain Drops Mod / 30 meter Underwater Mod / Smoke on the Water Mod / Scope Animation Mod / and several camera mod's.

All of the things it replaces are incorporated into this mod so you will not lose those effect's you wanted for your own games in the first place. I hope this answers a lot of questions that will come up over time!

I run my game at 1280x1024 @ 60hz and have 4x AA and 4x AF set up for my video card. This is where I run and test this mod at in game. I will make the same sugestion as the Box does for this game. If you do not have an NVidia graffics card you will not see all of the effect's we have created in this mod.

#1.ROW Downloads: Each Download contains a Readme file all are JSGME ready.

#1a ROW Main Game Load Screen This is an option for a new Load screen for your game. Posted on 9/21/07 1.4 compatable

#2. ROW Camera Mod: There are now 4 vs to choose from vs 2a and 2d has an angle sway when you turn from left to right vs 2c and 2d do not have that angle turn sway. You can only run 1 at a time in your game. Can be added to game at anytime without problems.

#2a ROW_Camera_vs_2a With turning angle sway. Now with Depth Charge shake from NVDrifter also added. posted on 11/21/07 1.4 compatable

#2b ROW_Camera_vs_2b With out turning angle sway thanks Canonicus for info on this. Now with Depth Charge shake from NVDrifter also added. posted on 11/21/07
1.4 compatable

#2c ROW_Realistic_Camera_vs_2c This camera limit's the ability in using the TBT to only a 90 deg angle instead of a full 360 deg. Also turning angle sway is removed. Now with Depth Charge shake from NVDrifter also added. Posted on 11/21/07 1.4 compatable

#2d. ROW_Realistic_Camera_with_turn_sway_vs_2d This camera limit's the ability in using the TBT to only a 90 deg angle instead of a full 360 deg. This has the camera sway for when you turn around in camera view's. Also has Depth Charge Shake from NVDrifter added to it. Posted on 11/21/07 1.4 compatable

#3. ROW Reflections for All game object's: Sub's ships and a lot more can be added to game at any time without problems.

#3a ROW_Sub_Reflections_and_Roll_Pitch_vs_5 This is new work with more file than before in the download as well. Now all sub's with duel props have duel water kick up. Reworked sub wave and foam effects. New work done with Roll and pitch to work with new ocean effects. So you will find a new .val file and a new cfg file for all the sub's. Contains my Sub telegraph speed mod for a start. Snorkel depth changed to a good radar depth 30 feet and ahead and back 1/3rd is now silent running when submerged and runnng at ahead 2/3rd's will give you a good fuel conservation speed. All sub's surface running depth lowered by 1 foot. Posted on 12/19/07 1.4 Compatable

#3b ROW_Object_Distance_and_Reflections_Plus_Searchlig hts_vs_5B This file has the distance of view enhanced for all shore based objects in the game to work with the new game engine capabilities and set up. Originaly all objects were set to 1 - 10 in min view distance now they are all at 500 so they can be seen about the same time land comes into full color view or close to it anyways. Also contains new work with search lights both ship and land based as well as light house lighting. Problems with the DC drops have been eliminated. Posted on 12/20/07
1.4 Compatable

#4. ROW Sea Foam: Only 1 can be used in your game at a time. Can be added to game at any time with no problems.

#4a ROW Classic Seafoam This is the original sea foam work for the mod from Jaketoox. Posted on 10/02/07 1.4 compatable

#4b ROW Hi Res Seafoam This sea foam effect needs a high end PC and card to run it well from Jaketoox. Posted on 10/15/07 1.4 compatable

#4c ROW_New_Seafoam_from_Jaketoox This is new sea foam work that is easy on the PC but with a nice look to it
with new shader work from my friend Jaketoox. posted on 11/01/07 1.4 compatable

#5. ROW Textures: This is the Heart of the ROW Mod. Can be added to game any time without problems. You have a choice one with the sun halo having a camera flair and one without the camera flair. Can only use one texture pack at a time.
New fire, oil slik, Sky, Ocean, lightning, Color's, Land, Sun halo, moon halo and a lot more.

#5a ROW_Textures_With_Sun_Camera_Flair_vs_5 This is the newest work for the mod. New smoke textures are in the download. Also to advoid past problems with fire and oil sliks not working right for some all textures are now in both TLowRes and TNormal files. Also has a new moon halo I did not get a chance to add before. Posted on 11/08/07 1.4 compatable

#5b ROW_Textures_without_Sun_Camera_flair_vs_5 This is the newest work for the mod. NEW smoke textures are in the download. Also to advoid past problems for some all textures are in both TLowRes and TNormal files. Also contains a new moon halo I did not get a chance to add before. Posted on 11/08/07 1.4 compatable

#6. ROW Zone's and Special effect's: If the textures are the Heart of the mod then this is the fun part of the ROW Mod. YOU Should be in port to add this to your game.

#6a ROW_Special_effects_with_Stock_zones_vs_5b Nothing other than ROW textures is needed with this due to fire, smoke and oil slik texture dependancy.
This has been made 1.4 compatable due to changes in the zone's file with patch 1.4 changes. New Smoke effects also included. You can not use the NSM ship's with this! NSM changes the internal compartments of the ships and change the zone's file! 1.4 Compatable Posted on 12/21/07 This includes all slow smoke adjustments from much earlier mod's created. Contains the fix for the funnel smoke problem.

#7. ROW Sky and Water Controls: This contains all my Living Breathing ocean work and all of the work on the water reflections and sky controls and how the sun works in game. Due to popular demand star's sun and moon have been resized. I have incorporated as much work from other modders as possable in the scene file. Not all of the weather change's I made to the scene file work right until you get to port and start a new patrol also if you have your Time Compression higher than 256 then weather wind and wave state's take longer to change. I made changes for the weather to change in game more often but do not take effect until you are in port.

#7a ROW_SKY_and_Water_Controls_vs_5 This include's My work with reflections and sun halo and Living Breathing Ocean and the rain mod and the visability mod and the under water visability mod also reworked fog effects to work with new game engine and distance visability. This is brand new work and. posted on 12/19/07
1.4 Compatable

#8. ROW Cloud's: 3 Differn't Speed's only 1 can be used at a time. Can be added to your game at any time. And one new set of cloud's from Kriller2.

#8a ROW Classic Cloud's Same cloud's and effect's in T.M. 1.6 from Seeadler. 1.4 compatable

#8b ROW Slower Cloud's 1.4 compatable

#8c ROW Very Slow Cloud's 1.4 compatable

#8d ROW_New_3D_Cloud's_by_Kriller2 1.4 compatable

#9. ROW Sound Effect's: Can be added to your game at any time. Best used with realistic sound travel time turned on.

#9a ROW_Sound_Effect's_vs_8 For a start contains the Hollywood Sound files for screams. New work by LukeFF / Torps and special thanks to Dr.Beast for the sub net fix. This it it guy's the last and final release of the ROW sound effect's. All repairs for sounds that were causing problems are in here along with some new reworked stuff for change of shift sound's where you can hear the door hatches opening and closing with the men running on stairs and decks. And an M60 machine gun sound with the shell's droping for the AA gun and louder and extended reload sound for the deck gun as well as new rel life aircraft sound's for the plane's in the game and cleaned up prop hydro's for ship's. And thanks to Willhelmtell for his sound distance boost also included in with the sounds. Also has the add on pack in it and some new work and repairs from LukeFF. Added on 12/07/07 1.4 compatable



Download here (Filefront): Addon For Reflections On The Water
Mirror (Rapidshare): Addon For Reflections On The Water

This work is dedicated to Dave for being a good friend and a known member of the subsim community for his never-ending striving to archive perfection on everything he did and his way of allway being willing to help people out if they had a problem with this mod and allways had a joke to go with the help.

My work on this mod was to make Dave's work look as good as possible, by making new textures for water and sky and by fine-polishing his work and examining how his work could be improved and released to the public.

Copy the folder with the "readme" file in your MODS folder besides your main SH4 directory and enable it as the last mod in JSGME.

Hope you enjoy this mod as much as I enjoyed working with it.


Credits for work included in this addon:
LeoVampire, JakeToox for his Water Edge mod (included), FooFighters for his help on understanding the scene.dat and Skwasjer for coming with suggestions and removing 2 bugs from the scene.dat!

Special credits go to the:
"ROW recovery team" for all there hard work with testing this mod for both Dave and me and for bringing there critism and suggestions to what to work on next:
Rcjonessnp175,Sqk7744,Donut,Letterboy 1,Snuffy,W_Clear,FooFighters,CaptainHaplo,Reallyde dpoet and MushMartin.

JUST an FYI In one known problem and how to get around it:
As most of you know Since I made the Living Breathing Ocean mod there are times comming out of time Compression that when you go to an outside view you get some strainge effect's from the ocean like it run's backward's or shakes. If you want to advoid this effect you must do a pause game while on the NAV MAP time compression then set it back to 1x and you can go to an outside view with no ocean effect's problems. It give's the games rendering engine time to catch up with what is happening. It is a pain to always remember this but it will become second nature if you want to advoid this problem.ALSO a big time P.S. here do not use the CTRL+N feature this will screw up game textures and effect's this is not a normal in game control to use this has been proven to be a problem!

This Mod is dedicated to all the Brave Men and Women Over Sea's away from their home's and family's. With hope you will all come back safe and of Sound Mind and Body soon!

Please help suport our Subsim Comunity and help keep this a home for all of us who love this sim and the mod's:
To date 11/06/07
I have donated $50.00 to sub sim.
$20.00 to JScones for his work JSGME.
$20.00 to Skwasjer for the S3D editor work.

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I just want to say thanks to everyone who had their hands in this piece of work. Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the hard work you've done in our behave.


Head Deep and Keep'em Astern" - LtCDR Samuel D Dealy
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Default your welcome cdrsubron7

Nice to give to the comunity sometimes and I know the whole team feels the same way! BTW good night guys it is 3 A.M. here stayed up to get it out to all of you so see you when I get up again I am tired to say the least.

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Originally Posted by leovampire
Nice to give to the comunity sometimes and I know the whole team feels the same way!
You said it, WELL DONE!

x =


*now go enjoy your new creation and get some kills on that Battle flag of yours
All Ships can dive, but only Submarine's surface!"
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I just had an orgasm.

Then, I logged onto subsim and saw this, so my night just keeps getting better!

Thanks guys!

By the way, I was curious about this UHA thing... haven't seen that in use for a long time, and have long believed RAR was the greatest compression technology and WinRAR the greatest tool since anything. So I did some tests:

Original Data: 442 MB
UHA: 180 MB
RAR (best): 199 MB
ZIP (best): 259 MB

So I guess UHA is pretty good!

One last comment... I notice the folder/JSGME order doesn't match the readme due to the alphabet, so I just preface my folders with 1- and 2- and so on, and it sorts them in JSGME accordingly. Then I can select a whole block of them and hit the [>] button without clicking them individually.
June 29 2016 - shSpeech v2.55 - Voice Command for Silent Hunter 4! View Thread

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Excellent work guys, the new stuff is spectacular!!!

Ubisoft should make this an official patch
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THANKS YOU ALL ! ! ! ! !

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ist's WORK of ART THANK YOU!!! this mod now is the best
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Simply breathtaking!

Good work guys
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Yeehaw !
I haven't tested it yet, but it is already downloaded. So excited to check out the new fire and oil slick thing that I didn't see in the testing phase. Must be so great !

Thanks to all of you for your dedication and hard work.

The zones.cfg for the mentioned hollywood effects is missing.
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WoW!!! Amazing work! This is the best SH4 mod.
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Can we get a RAR/ZIP/7z format or is it too bandwidth intensive on your end?
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Originally Posted by switch.dota
Can we get a RAR/ZIP/7z format or is it too bandwidth intensive on your end?

I believe you can just add it to your RAR and it will work. Do not quote on that. At any rate, I find the program to open this is very easy and very similar to RAR and ZIP. Trust me, if I can figure it out anyone can. Computer Guru I ain't
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First off a big thank you for fantastic work guys, but I have a question for you chaps. I seem to have lost the 'fog' effect for ships on the horizon { take a lan game and the Mariana Trench scenario } and you'll see that the ships on the horizon are very sharp, no atmospheric perspective...any way to fix this with the mini tweaker? { I managed before but can't for the life of me remember where I changed the file lol }

Here are two screenshots of what I mean
LBO, and Seaddler's Environmental Mod

and ROW at the same can see how sharp the ships look in the horizon

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Thanks for this great mod leo et al I enjoyed testing it


Back in the Day

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