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Old 10-09-07, 03:16 PM   #1
Crusty Capt.
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Default [REL] Wolfehunter's VIIb Bluecamo V1.2

Version 1.1
This was my first skin. I redid alot of textures for more details and used my new found experiance to tweek it better than the first.
Version 1.2

Ooops I did it again.:p I had to improve on it with new details and new wooden deck you guys never seen before!!!
Very rusty and weathered patched but she is a tough old broad.

I've included a plain version for those who don't like the blueish look, Also I included my two standard rezes of 1024 high and superduper 2048 for SH3.

This skin is compatible with any megamod and is JSGME ready. Just pick your flavour and take a sip.

Heres is the download link;
VIIB Vluecamo V1.1 link.

VIIB Bluecamo + Plain V1.2 link, Well click on the pic and stop staring at it...

Heres some photos;
Version 1.1,
Alot of weathering done to it. Make feel more used and abused.
I aged the camo colours to give it a more real texture.
Nice 3D deck that everybody loves. I redid the work on the deck. You can see the high details of the metal textures.
I kept the original rust look from the SH3 conning tower, but I tweeked it abit.
With the newer mods thank to all those who work hard at it. I'm able to adjust some detail textures to adapt.
Version 1.2,
In the last minute final fix I made the patch work darker not with a over bearing presence.
New deck details are sweet.
Here you get an idea how beat up she really is.
More underwater shots,
Conning shot underwater,

For further photos click on my sig below and go to line #18 and so fourth. There are alot of good shots. Then again you could try her out and make your own cool shots.

Heres the link to the original skin release for those who want to compare;

Any questions or statements good or bad I like to here it.

Goodhunting to you all.

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Old 10-09-07, 04:20 PM   #2
Sea Lord
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Stunning piece of work,I'm having the new version and keeping the old version I've learnt never to look a gift horse in the mouth,If a mod or skin comes along(especially if its a cracking one)download it
'It is not surely known when the grey wolf shall come upon the seat of the gods'
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Old 10-10-07, 12:10 PM   #3
Grey Wolf
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Woooow What a beauty blue fish...Your skins, Wolfie, are better and better with
each one ...
And i want your skull flag. What a flag, man - please - could you send me your skull flag?

P.S.Did i tell you that i want your flag?
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Old 05-06-08, 06:33 PM   #4
Crusty Capt.
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Default Updated Version WH BC 1.2

She's updated and ready for patrols in the great oceans.

Happy hunting all
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Old 05-06-08, 08:02 PM   #5
Canadian Wolf
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Nice work


Back in the Day

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