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Default So much hope for this

I've lurked silently for many years so to take the time to offer my encouragement is a sign that this project has captured my imagination. I wish i'd noticed this earlier!

Firstly, that someone wants to sponsor this project shows that I'm not alone, but indeed for a community hub to get behind this, it gives a feeling of encouragement and accountability to deliver more than any financial venture could, because its honest. Community backed games have an edge over financially led ones. Great work from Onkel to step in here and see the opportunity.

I got some friends together and they immediately recognised that one of the bars to multiplayer can be worked around, and that there is an audience for type of 'game' where you can have fun.

Despite that, I really wanted to ask for some very basic things whilst development was in progress, just in case these were things that could be considered still.

I understand the reasoning for the battery, acceleration and physics exaggerations in a gameplay sense, i really do. I would beg we had the option though, of choosing realistic physics in the end product. Part of the attraction to submarine warfare as a simulation topic is that you can really get closer to the real thing as essentially its driven by things we can model reliably. You don't even need to rock a chair and spray water in my face to portray the sub interior, its such a great sim topic that the chance to see it in 2017 with todays computing as a proper simulation would be my wish, this time in multiplayer. Please, leave the option to have game modes but make it a sim in every sense of the word!

Secondly, I'm not sure why the limit on four people, but as long as we can compensate for the loss with some optional automation, then why not beyond 32, a flight simulatation can handle the numbers and that moves much faster? The multiplayer limitations shouldn't be hardcoded - let the sub manage itself if you are the captain, but for player two, allow him to take any role he choses if you gave him the password for the ship. Right up to "not taking a role". No need to try to force roles, just to stop more than one person performing one of them at a time. The way I would envisage this is; if a player goes to the controls of the helm, he should hear the captain's orders and execute them. If no one is at station the captain would use whatever shortcut in a UI to make the order and it be carried out by a bot as per SH style. Simply checking into a station should be enough, you could relieve a computer bot by approaching the station. You leave, it is manned again. That allows players to not be confined in their gameplay whilst actually making it more realistic. It would prevent anyone feeling forced to do any one thing whilst making the only thing required in Multiplayer to be having a captain. Multiplayer would then consist of taking however many people you want to have with as many people you have ships for and allow people to play in different ways, up to and including mostly crewed boats. Automation will have mass market appeal to those that like to play casually, whilst allowing for, if so wanted, a group to go for some great roleplay or authentic realism in a team or teams. Disabling bot automation should be set at the server level to allow some match setup "rules".

A mission/scenario editor. Allow people to produce scenarios as per a sandbox. Provide canned scenarios for those that hate that. I gives the game longevity and endurance.

Last one has been said enough. Make the application extensible and work with the community modding team. It's the only way some subsims kept their players and it changed them out of all recognition. The community can do research and detail and modelling if you let them.

I hope this one makes it, don't cut any corners, allow all members of the community to find something they like in the sim by giving them the options. Allow the screws to be tightened on the realism in the most detailed of ways whilst still capturing a basic multiplayer role play fun 1hr game at the other. If it does only one I feel you will miss out on A) mass market appeal in the former or B) longevity and mod enhancements in the second case. Good luck!
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Onkel Neal
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Thanks for the thoughtful insights. Much of your ideas are the same as ours, and we hope it makes a good game.

A reel shocker:
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