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Default Torpedo wake

I'd like to see torpedo wake. The first torpedo type produced bubbles that were visible on the surface, until the electric-powered torpedo came along. That shouldn't be too difficult to implement.
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Al the torpedoes in the game are the electric ones. 30 kts max speed.
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Didn't they need to pre-heat those, and so forth, before launching else their range was limited?
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Default Welcome aboard!

GreyLynx!ATTN: Fidd- yes; the batteries of a T2 /g7e had to be heated to 30C. (85F.)to achieve rated speed and range. Full effectiveness was obtained when the T2 was preheated electrically to 30 degrees Cent (86 F) before firing. Not preheated figures are 28 knots for 3000m. The detonators and depth controls also proved 2 B terrifically faulty, whether magnetic or direct contact detonated. Subsequent electric eels (T3) did not require this; in SH-V, I always enhance the skill level of the torpedo officer, KURT FAUST first, and use the preheat function. Anything to prevent eel malfunction...
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Since this is a Beta version of the game, I thought maybe the developers could add the trail of bubbles now since they'll have to do it later on anyway (I hope).
The G7a (TI) could be set at 30 knots for a range of 12 km or 40 knots for 7,5 km. The G7e (TIII) was set at 30 knots only for a range of 5 km if pre-heated properly, and were used at the beginning of 1942.
In the game, the torpedoes are set at 30 knots for a range of 6 km with no wake and no magnetic/impact pistol option. So they're not true TI nor TIII.
It would be useful to see if the TDC was set properly by watching the torpedo run. I've done the tutorial but I'm never sure when it comes to the "real" attack.
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