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Default Vanilla players mission start checklist

Attention on deck!

At ease sailors,

just a friendly reminder on a few things to do when the load screen brings you inside the command room.

- Tab/ crew management / torpedo autoloading --> off (unless all are same) for two reasons,

one, if you havent engaged silent running in the midst of excitement, your torpedomen will be this guy

and down you go...

second, if torpedo loadout is mixed, you might want to load certain ones in and this lets you more in control.

- clear upper deck, clear conning tower of all personnel.

(for the annoying ship spotted message spam on mission start, though not exactly a problem if you start in Perth or Brisbane, Pearl pretty much has ships in sight so, you get the picture)

- turn radar off (assign a hotkey for it, mine is


so, in my case, R saves your message board to enemy contacts, and other important messages.

- open periscope screen (F4) and hit X. now move the annoying chronometer to the lower middle of the screen, just left to the speed gauge.

(this can cause real pain if you attempt to shoot a salvo without moving it)

every eel will bring it up, and instead of adusting spread/depth, checking PK settings, you'll be )

- dive (not for tender starts)

and cruise at 9 knots for leaving the message area, avoiding bumping into friendly units atop, and finally, avoiding aircraft contacts, which are too, friendly, also, saving your message board.

Steady till 29 kilometers, surface and cruise at desired speed. Less friendly hassle, better.

Thats all. Happy hunting..

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