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Default My Playthrough (Atlantic Fleet)

So, I recently picked this game up on Google Play and immediately went for a Kreigsmarine Battle of the Atlantic. As a strategist, something like this was quite interesting to me, and I do quite enjoy the way the game works.

So, off the top of my head, I recall starting with the sister battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisnau. As per history, I made sure these two never left each others' side. Supporting them was the heavy cruiser Hipper and three destroyers.

In the south Atlantic, the lone Admiral Graf Spee patrolled off the coast of South America, switching back and forth to South Africa every now and then.

In the mid-Atlantic, two Type IX and a single VII awaited orders: all were promptly sent to blockade the U.S. Eastern seaboard and the Caribbean, relying on supply ships to keep their torpedo stores in order.

After my first few engagements, we have sunk some 150,000 tons of shipping in the first month of war, along with a number of British destroyers. As time goes on, I take my first losses: U-29 sinks in the midst of attacking a convoy, and the Z1 and Z21 are both lost in action in a fierce battle with the Repulse and her escorts. However, it is towards the end of 1939, and the British have lost 2 light cruisers, the Queen Elizabeth and her escorts, and now, the Repulse. By now, merchant tonnage sunk is starting to climb towards the 1 million mark, and shows no sign of slowing down. German ground forces take Norway, opening up new bases for us to supply our ships from.

With sufficient renown now, I expand fleet operations. Heavy cruiser Blucher and Z20, Z24, and Z18 join the Scharnhorst/Gneisnau battlegroup. The Graf Spee's sister ship, the Lutzow, joins her in the south. U-46, 47, 48, 101, 93, 36 and 67 go on patrol: the first three to the British Isles, 101 and 93 to the Barents Sea, and 36 and 67 each covering the North African Atlantic ports.

In addition, auxiliary cruisers Pinguin and Atlantis, supported by Konigsberg and Leipzig and their escorts, roam the Med and the mid-Atlantic.

By June of '41, the Kreigsmarine's success is staggering: well over 2.5 million tons of shipping have been sunk, and more than 10 capital ships, 5 heavy cruisers, 7 light cruisers, and innumerable destroyers, all belonging to the Tommies, have been sunk. In return, we have lost Leipzig, four destroyers, and six submarines. Bismarck, Tirpitz, and Prinz Eugen join the main battlegroup, roaming the Atlantic freely. 2 submarines sit off each sea zone in Africa, and one each off the American coast.

Skipping now to the end, we finish the Battle of the Atlantic on week 1.5 in November of 1941. Nearly 5 million tons of British shipping rests on the bottom of the sea, together with 750,000 tons of warships. Fortress Europe is secure, and the British are out of the war.

Now, those pesky Yankees...
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