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- Just to double-check = you do not have the high CO2 warning?

Negative, I was able to surface.

- You do not have wounded crew in the control room or conning tower?

No wounded crew in either my control room or conning tower. When giving orders with the rudder I would receive confirmation ("" degrees to port/starboard) but the boat would not follow.

- You do not show any damage on the F7 screens?

No critical section was labelled in red or damaged on the left list of the F7 screen.

- No flooding?

Minor flooding in the aft torpedo room during the attack, which was quickly repaired with the water pumped out by the damage crew.

Nothing showing needing repair ("Repair team priority" box), nothing lit "red"?

Only minor damage to my deck and AA guns, which were repaired after a few hours on surface.

I'm not sure what you can do if your rudder is gone (it should show as damaged), other than abandon the career, because as you say, there is no "Abandon ship!" command...

I decided to reboot to my previous save, and tested to see if my rudder was still working so I continued from there. If it is not a bug, the only thing I can see is that a stray bullet or a depth charge damaged some undetectable gasket or wire which disconnected my rudder from the rest of the control system.

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Welllll... the damage sub-system (purposeful play on words there) is a "deep" (and again - sorry, won't happen again, until the next time) subject, and is most likely beyond my "depth" of understanding (I can't stop, sorry)... but we'll give it a go, and try some comparisons between stock and a few mods, and see if I can notice anything that isn't at the least tied to a visible "damage", whether repairable or not. At the least, to know that it's damaged... I do remember reading about this, and I'm wondering if it was mentioned in Traveller's mod - but the details are elusive...

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