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Icon10 Another 1/18th scale Bimmer.

I saw this come up a couple of months ago and bought one to round out my collection of die-cast Bimmers. Its a 2017 BMW M3 (Competition) in a very nice dark metallic blue by Norev:

I wanted this model, first, to check out Norev, second, to pose it next to my early 2000's Kyosho BMW 328 Ci in dark blue, and third, I'm a sucker for dark blue cars.

As you can see here:

-the hood, trunk, and all four doors open. I found a good review of this model (in Mineral or Metallic White) today which prompted this post.

The link to buy the missing shock tower brace is here:

M:I:Y is located in Romania and specializes in 3D printed parts. For now, they seem to be concentrating on 1/18th scale and BMW. Check out their stuff, their wheels look really good.

About the model, the video does a great job of showing you what you get. Norev did not disappoint me for this price point. One thing the video missed is that the suspension works on all four corners but the springs are fairly stiff.
My gripes aren't with Norev, but more with the actual car. I'm not a big fan of carbon fiber body panels or "baller" wheels and tires in 1:1 scale, so the dark blue paint hides that fancy roof to a point. Likewise, the grille and badges would have looked a LOT better in chrome but this was BMW's decision. To be fair, Norev does a really good job with the carbon fiber roof and you'll want a magnifying glass to admire their treatment of this detail.
One thing that had me confused, the front and rear BMW logos are concave vs. convex. I'm not sure if this holds true on the 1:1 car but I wanted to protect them, anyway, and some clear glue or paint is an easy fix. Just apply a fairly thick blob of clear to the logos and let it cure.
Speaking of clear parts glue, my model showed up missing its driver side mirror. This is "one of of them things" when buying on-line but a quick inspection of the rear suspension found the mirror trying to hide behind the suspension arms with no broken pieces and it was quickly fixed.

There are some minor detail issues, really minor that you could skip if you don't have OCD. The inner liners of the hood and trunk need some matt black paint and I threw a set of white-letter "Michelin Pilot" decals at the tires. Aside from adding some matte or semi-matt varnish to the shifter boot, that's about it. Nice job, Norev.
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