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Default U-57 Patrol Logs

Medal Plague and Medals from SH3 and the GWX3 Team Thankyou nice job Guys

08/X/39 Bremerhaven
Assume command of U-57 with priority orders as previous captain reassigned to HQ. Sea trails undertaken with new crew and crash dive tests practiced.

set sail half speed most direct route to AN 49 260km covered.

Ship sighted spend 2 hours to close with ship identified as a Lithuanian freighter. Allied with Germany, may not engage. Continue a further 260km towards AN49

0235 Arrive at patrol sector AN49. Overcast wind 2 sea 3 maintain patrol speed of 4.5 knots to save fuel.
1808hrs spot two merchants on horizon we close and identify one as a US heavy tanker and the second as British light merchant TRENTINO 2964 tons. Both running without lights at 9.2 knots. As per prize rules our presence was shown to ships for them to heave to. Both changed course to attempt to evade. Overhauled both ships out of their sight from the distance crossed their path from the front to close with the TRENTINO which was leading and furthest from us. We submerged and awaited their arrival. Speed and course observed while overhauling them. Remained submerged until they closed setting ourselves on the same course at 7.5 knots.We closed to within 900m while parallel to the target 90 degree AOB left negating the risk of a defect gyro torpedo returning to hit us. Fired one torpedo which hit the TRENTINO in the center with a large explosion.We maintained course and speed to ensure ship would sink. The US tanker fled, after 30 minutes the crew abandoned ship we surfaced and recovered the 22 of the crew while witnessing the ship sink. Its a little cosy on the boat now but the rescued survivors are very compliant to minimize disruption. BUD updated.

12/X/39 Patrol Grid AN49 sea 2 clear sky wind 3
0915 ships spotted. Two merchants are spotted heading towards our position. We crash dive to periscope depth and turn away to roughly 90 degrees off their course allowing them to pass 2500m from our stationary position. I observe there speed at 9 knots and obtain an accurate 90 degree AOB left by use of king-posts.The ships are identified as a British light merchant SEA VENTURE 2759 tons and a Spanish heavy tanker. Due to the high risk of British aircraft in the clear sky and calm sea surfacing to attack is not a risk I am prepared to take. We move out of their visual range surface and set a parallel course overhauling them. Their course is 010 so we set up and ambush position on course 100. 1100m off the projected route of the British merchant that leads front left of the tanker. Lying in wait stationary until the target is 35 degrees relative to us. I then give the order for full speed, 7 knots and close the range to 900m thus removing the risk of a defective gyro.With 46 second run time and a closing distance should the first torpedo fail a second could be launched at 700m. Hydro monitors the torpedo that runs true and the SEA VENTURE is hit suffering a catastrophic explosion and the ship sinks within minutes. We remain submerged and retire observing the rescue of the stricken vessel by the Spanish tanker that heaves to picking them up. We surface 4000m from the ship and reposition at speed paying constant attention to the sky for possible enemy aircraft. Only one torpedo fired leaving us with 4 serviceable torpedoes for the remaining patrol. BDU updated.

Flotillenchef: A finely-executed series of attacks. Particular attention is called to the effective methods employed by the commander in obtaining targeting data and mitigating the dangers of torpedo failures.

19/x/19 Patrol Grid AN49 sea 4 wind 5 overcast patrol speed 4.5 knots.Vigilant surface observations maintained with crash dive practice during the day.

2256Z ships spotted in the distance at 350 relative. Overcast conditions were persisting so we closed to 3500m and observed 3 merchants. 1 British Type one heavy freighter leading far side. The second nearside a British Type 5 medium tanker the "Heronspool" 6046 tons and the third trailing on the far side US Type 36 medium tanker. Course established as 264 and speed at 4.6 knots. Careful observation by myself and my first officer establish that there are no armed merchants. We close to within 2800 to challenge the ships to hove to as per Prize Rules, at this point the lead British freighter (a Q ship) uncovers a concealed 4 inch canon and opens fire, first with a star shell over us and then with heavy munitions, I order a crash dive after the first salvo goes long high over the bridge. The crash dive practice paid off and we avoided damage we then observed them at periscope depth as they scattered. We moved out to a safe distance on their original course of 264 and surfaced after they had settled down. We shadowed them and allowed them to believe that they has outrun us. With further visual checks we established they had returned to their original course and speed, clearly the captains were overconfident in their anti submarine tactics!
We attempted a surface attack from 3400m whilst parallel at seven knots again avoiding the risk faulty circling torpedoes. The first overran its impact time clearly a dud, so a second was then fired frustratingly a second dud! With only one further torpedo loaded and the last reserve yet to be loaded we had time to try an a advanced ambush position with a close 900m 90AOB attack run.This gave us time to reload tube 1 giving us 2 further opportunities to sink the target. The convoy was blissfully unaware of the two dud torpedoes and had continued on its course.

We set ourselves were we thought we would be 1200m off the projected course of the "Heronspool" and lay in wait stationary at 13.5m. We were off track and 100m closer than expected on course 354. I waited until the target was at our 25 degrees relative we then went full speed 7 knots, the first torpedo fired at 850m as observed by hydro ran true but failed to detonate! The last torpedo was fired at 650m it again ran true and successfully exploded.

I observed it slowing down taking on water and listing and we moved out of their visual range and surfaced. We continued to shadow it, we had no further torpedoes to coup de gras after several hours it was sitting lower in the water and an oil slick was forming. With an estimated 190km to the nearest port of Petershead I do not expect the 6046 ton "Heronspool" to survive.

0417 hours 20/x/19 bittern escort spotted approaching we disengage on the surface at speed using the cover of darkness to avoid detection and set a course for home.

21/x/19 sea 6 wind 7 Overcast. Estimated 260km traveled towards home port. The crew are in good spirits despite the sea swell and cramped conditions on board. Watch crews remain vigilant.

1220Z Due to the overcast sky no position fix can observed. On dead reckoning Navigation puts us 299km from home. With good fuel reserves we will increase speed to 7 knots course 133 and ETA will be 23 hours and 15 minutes. Weather permitting landfall of Heligoland should become visible by 0800Z. If accurate we should make port by 1135Z tomorrow.

22/x/19 1205Z Arrived home port successful mission, No damage or crew casualties. One week leave passes and travel permits granted to all crew in recognition to the high levels of professional commitment in the best tradition of the Kriegsmarine.

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U-57 (Maveric) has successfully returned to Kiel from her first patrol! Tonnage 7,723. Rounds are on us!

To all who shall see these presents, greeting: It is with great honor that I present U-Maveric and its crew with the

Iron Cross Second Class

for bravery before the enemy. Maveric and his crew conducted themselves in an exemplary fashion in keeping with the highest traditions of the Wehrmacht.

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