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Default [WIP] silentmichal's new interior mod

Hi everyone!

This is my 2nd mod. This mod adds for eg. dining place, food and toilets to U-boot. It just makes imho SH5 game more real...


  • In quarter room (there are Hidro and Sonar) there's a dining place - like in "Das Boot" with swinging lamp
  • New, with great textures ENIGMA
  • In back quarter room great toilet ( )
  • There's new toilet in forward quarter room (you can go there...)
  • new captain's bed (texture & mesh)
  • new collisions in quarter room [forward & back] (you can sit in captain's dinning place and go to toilet)
  • new crates with food in CR
  • improved beds for crew in QR [forward]
  • Swinging salami in forward quarter room
  • There are 2 crew's bags

There's a small movie [not updated yet]:

And there are some screenshots:

Known bugs:
  • bulb in dining place doesn't work
  • Textures of fruits near the toilet in quater room aren't the best...

Change log:

  • Initial release
  • Some important fixes
  • Added Karl Dönitz's picture in dinning place
  • Added new notepad to radio room
  • Added new radio, realistic (in radio room)
  • Deleted bug with white toilet & ladder in quater room
  • Hydrophonist has a flower
  • New bags' textures (special thanks for gap - he made it)
  • Repaired crates with food
  • Repaired other small bugs
  • Grandfather's picture moved (to better place)
  • Grandfather's texture made gap (again thank you )
  • a lot of food in quater room and in command room in high quality
  • improved beds for crew in quater room
  • deleted "Runtime 650" bug
  • added swinging salami in forward quarter room
  • lamp in forward QR is swinging (like real)
  • Now You can go to toilet in forward QR
  • I repaired bug with no-wall in toilet in back QR
  • Reworked collisions of QR rooms
  • Some important fixes and optimalization
  • food in QR1 is now vanishing (I linked it to fuel)
  • I deleted all food in Command Room (it caused problems with performance)
  • deleted ladder which was in opposition to the cook

Download [v1.2.4]:

Google Drive:

v 1.2.4b HotFIX download:


- me (of course) - Michael
- FlakMonkey (I used his files)
- SteelViking (------- || --------)
- BIGREG (he explaines me everything)
- Gap (informations & textures)
- DivingDuck (I used his method for vanishing food)

Special thanks to:

- Gap
- Fifi (tester)
- TheDarkWraith
- TheBeast

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