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Default Want to be a navigator!/?

The navigator is an important role.
But also very hard to master

But how do you master it..

What are his tasks?
How can you become better?

I believe a good navigator
Keeps track of a lot of things
Listens to the captain and the radio oprator. And listens to who ever is operating the hydrophone

You are responsable for updating the map..
Your location.
But also enemy ships.

But how do you mark it?
I always try and make a whole plan on my map.

Map out the enemy. Range from target.
I try and put enemy heading on the map aswell and even the ship types.

I mark out my map. So that new crew can look at the map and know what is going on..

Also i believe that a navigator checks dept under kiel ..

So is there a instruction video or manual wheee you can learn how to properly do these things..

Can you guys and gurls help me figure out how to become a better navigator?
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Onkel Neal
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You are correct, there's a lot for the navigator to track and different tools he uses. I am working on a training film for that, should be ready in a week or so.
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Watched all you videos!

You are starting to feel like an uncle...

I hope it includes the following

*how to find and write you location ... so you can send it to other uboats (does this makes any sense)

* how you should mark ships on the map.

*how to mark friendly's

* how to.use the tools

* how to proper clean up and leave what is important

*and talk about communiction between captain and other members of the crew...

*also what a good navigator should do..

*how to sail and guide you navigator as a captain...

A big wish list...

O my i love this game

And thanks uncle and the whole dev team...!!!

Keep.up al the work and updates..
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