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Default Making missions ideas

I would love some additional options
Tell me what you would like to be able to do making your own missions

1. Set the ship starting dept

2. Set the condition of teh boat.
For instance a a full or emty ballasttank
Or empty batteries

3. New objection conditions
- stay under 150 meter for 30 minutes
- send 3 messages by enigma

4. Would love some boats of diffrent nationalities like neutral boats for example..

5. Be able to choose an intro music
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I would think a spawn unit at location moving direction if condition would be a big help for intensifying a mission.

For example:

spawn flowers 48.422 -15.222 heading west@22kn if ship damaged

I'm sure the programmers come up with a better way, just a thought to move conversation.
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Onkel Neal
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Yes, agreed, random air patrols and warships (light cruisers, carriers) would be nice.
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