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Old 10-12-22, 03:16 PM   #16
von faust
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Originally Posted by Ulrich Kröpke View Post
I think a lot of SH.5 players don´t play the "Wolfpack" game because for Single player modus there is no "Save funktion" or "Pause funktion.
1) For me Wolfpack is fantastic.
2) I agree, in addition to the reasons mentioned at this time, the usual game mode in the long run, you start the game and you immediately have the convoy within range. All the starting point is missing, reach the area to be patrolled and search as the SH series.

I hope it will be implemented in the future.

(I apologize for my english)
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Old 10-22-22, 12:05 AM   #17
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No, I would not say that Subsim has been taken over by Wolfpack.

Given that Silent Hunter 4 and 5 are now unsupported orphan-ware, they still get a lot of activity on these forums. When Ubisoft shut down their servers, they could have implemented direct IP connection so their customers could still play online--without the hassle and expense of a VPN. Civ4 did direct IP.

I will avoid buying Ubisoft products.
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Old 12-02-22, 03:30 PM   #18
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I have Wolfpack and play it now and then. Thus far, I'm quite impressed. But I tend to be a bit of a lone wolf. The more single player features added, the more I'll be playing.

There would also probably be more interest if there was more scalable difficulty settings. I don't mind hardcore, I'm one of those types who own Sub Buddy and all that. But there are lot of players who might like the option to tailor their playing experience.

But overall, Wolfpack is definitely worth the money. I felt a great feeling of accomplishment when I sunk my first target. Great explosions too, LOL!

If you ask my opinion, buy it. You need it in your naval sim library.

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Old 12-20-22, 03:28 PM   #19
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I avoided Wolfpack for quite sometime knowing it was in a very early stage. I was playing uboat when a friend in discord told me to get wolfpack so we could play together. He knew I liked WWII games as he has seen me play all the SH series and uboat in steam. He wasnt into all previous uboat games like I was. He wanted some help in wolfpack

I finally told him I would give it a try and I was mind blown! The multiplayer aspect brings so much! I have a hard time not playing this game. I cant wait to see the future of it. The community is very helpful for new guys coming in. The wolf pack discord host many events.

I found it fun learning the stations of the boat. We all know how a TDCs, Plotting courses and intercepts work coming from other sub sims, but to learn how to trim a boat, dive and even manage compressed air was awesome for this simmer! Soon we get to manage engines. I stay away from the enigma but there is that too.

If your going to lonewolf, I would stick to SH5, Uboat. You can do it in lonewolf but that is not where the fun comes from for me. If you want to be freaking out 150m thinking this could be the end with someone thinking the same, wolfpack is great! I also found more surprises with wolfpack. With the other games I pretty know what going to happen. With wolfpack you can be going to periscope depth in the front row of a convoy with destroyers around and your dive master accidently brings you to the surface
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Old 12-24-22, 04:20 PM   #20
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Originally Posted by LCDR Phoebus View Post
I know that this is a game made by a sub sim and it's a mind-blowing piece of art. But my question is do all sub-sim members, or at least most play this game making it the main sub-sim at this time, or it's just another very good sub-sim? Are there any prominent members who never played this game or just don't own it?
I am now playing Wolfpack primarily. But nothing up to this point & at this time, until I re-learn principles that I learned using sh5, will be an awesome game. in real-time in SH5, you have access to the TDC. while in wolfpack it switches from bringing up the menu to losing the real-time effect of Sh5 TDC. You have to come off the AP and go back and forth to make changes to the TDC, while In SH5 that was already embedded in your scope without having to switch back and forth. but I love Sub swimming I have done it off and on since 2008 Captain Aj Aka metal rocker On steam add me if You like...
Captain AJ

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