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Default 4th Training Flotilla, Stettin and AGRU-Front

Originally Posted by Kapitän View Post
Started new career in August 2019 to commemorate the beginning of WWII, 80 years before ...


Tuesday, 2 February 1943 - Stettin

Conducting tactical exercises and training together with U 648 (Stahl)*, with the 4th Training Flotilla (Freg.Kpt. Heinz FISCHER), Stettin and AGRU-Front, (Kvt.Kpt.-Ing. H. MÜLLER). - The construction of Graf Zeppelin is stopped in Stettin. -


The last of the Sixth Army surrender in Stalingrad. A reconnaissance aircraft is dispatched to fly over Stalingrad, confirming that all fighting has ceased.

U 514 (Kptlt. Hans Jürgen Auffermann) was off Ponte Delgada and sighted a tanker with destroyers in territorial waters, outward bound on an E. course. She could not give chase owing to damage to a flange which was causing a leak.

U 404 (Kptlt. Otto von Bülow) situation: 1 steamer, 2 small craft on a S.E. course heard in hydrophones P.M. 2.1 in BF 2432. Did not manage to attack. No convoy seen. After simultaneous location by 8 shore stations, 3 aircraft searched with searchlights. Radar range as far as BF 2425. Return passage, as forward hydroplane out of action due to striking a rock.

Convoy No. 4 (HX.224):
In heavy weather. W 8, sea 7 and variable visibility the boats continued to operate against the convoy which was in AK 6271 at 0800/2/2. The convoy was making nearly 9 knots, which confirms that it is the HX. It maintained its NNE course on the 2nd, and then changed to an E. course during the night and made for the direction of the North Channel. The convoy was shadowed continuously by U 456 (Kptlt. Max-Martin Teichert), except for short intervals. A.M. on the 2nd U 632 made contact and remained in the vicinity of the convoy until A.M. on the 3rd. She then had to break off owing to lack of fuel. U 257 also reported that she was starting on her return passage. She was informed of the possibility of refueling. U 265, coming from home, was detailed against the convoy. 4 boats are therefore still operating: U 456, 265, 614 and 257.
U 456 reported sinking a 7,000 GRT tanker. The convoy was in AL 0189 at 0700/3/2.

Convoy No. 5 (SG.19):
At 1408/2/2 U 223( Oblt. Karl-Jürgen Wächter), the most northerly boat of Group "Haudegen", sighted a convoy, course 10°. A further 9 boats, the northern half of Group "Haudegen", were detailed to operate against it and U 223 was ordered to report strength of the convoy, as it may be a Greenland convoy. She reported 5 steamers, which fact made it clear that it was the suspected Greenland convoy. Only 5 boats were therefore operated against it: U 223, 358, 707, 268 and 186.
U 223 shadowed until AM 3/2 and was then driven off by escort vessels. U 358 was also shadowing. At 0600/3 U 223 reported that she had fired 5 single shots at 0452, scored 3 hits and sunk a 6-7,000 GRT ship for certain. The convoy was in AA 3852 at 0500/3 and the operation continues.

The German Consul has reported that a convoy on a N. course was sighted in the area of Group "Rochen" off Santa Cruz and the following new attack areas have therefore been ordered: U 218 : DH 9445, U 66 : DH 9548, depth 30 miles. U 43 : DH 9684, U 521 : DH 9672, U 108 : DH 9644, depth 15 miles.

The special operation (off Peterhead) ordered for U 377 (Kptlt. Otto Köhler) has been transferred to U 376 (Kptlt. Friedrich-Karl Marks). The boat has been informed by radio. U 377 is proceeding to the Atlantic.

The following have refueled: U 125 (Kptlt. Ulrich Folkers) from U 504 (Kptlt. Wilhelm Luis), U 266 (Kptlt. Ralf von Jessen) from U 466 (Oblt. Gerhard Thäter).

U 118 (XB; Korvkpt. Werner Czygan) reported the Straits of Gibraltar fouled as ordered on 2.2.

Ettore Bastico stepped down as the Governor-General of Italian Libya, succeeded by Giovanni Messe.

U 648 (Ltnt.z.S.d.R. Peter-Arthur Stahl) conducts Tactical Exercises in the Baltic Sea, together with U 115 (RST)*.


KorvKpt.& Cmdr. U 115
Started new career in August 2019 to commemorate the beginning of WWII, 80 years before ...


Wednesday, 3 February 1943 - Stettin

Conducting tactical exercises and training together with U 648 (Stahl)*, with the 4th Training Flotilla (Freg.Kpt. Heinz FISCHER), Stettin and AGRU-Front, (Kvt.Kpt.-Ing. H. MÜLLER).


During the day, the German OKW issues an announcement to inform the German public of the defeat at Stalingrad. The message, read over the radio, is preceded by a solemn drum roll and is followed by the 2nd movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's 5th symphony.
12 He 111 aircraft, with supplies on board, fly over the northern pocket of Stalingrad, before dawn. Of the 11 aircraft that reach the intended drop zone, only 3 drop some of their cargo, as they find no friendly activity.

Convoy No. 4 (HX.224)
The remaining 4 boats continued the operation in favorable, calm S.W. weather. The convoy was clearly making for the North Channel at 9 knots. U 456 (Kptlt. Max-Martin Teichert) and U 614 (Kptlt. Wolfgang Sträter) continued to shadow. Towards midnight contact was lost, after U 456 had last reported the convoy in AL 6133 at 2030. Contact was not regained.
U 632 (Kptlt. Hans Karpf) reported at 1400 that she was chasing an independent tanker on an E. course, 12 knots, in AL 59. At 2200 she reported the tanker Cordelia, 8,190 GRT, sunk.
U 257 (Kptlt. Heinz Rahe) reported that she was returning owing to lack of fuel. A.M. on the 4th operations against the convoy were broken off.
There was no boat shadowing and U 456 reported that she was 30 miles astern. The remaining 3 boats were therefore directed against a NE-bound convoy picked up A.M. on 4/2 in BD 10. In conclusion: It is thanks to U 456's excellent shadowing from midday on the 1st until the 3rd that such a small group of boats were able to operate against the convoy over this long stretch. Of 5 boats, 3 made contact. Unfortunately only U 456 was able to fire. Altogether 2 tankers and a freighter, totaling 23,190 GRT were sunk.
U 265 (Oblt. Leonhard Auffhammer) was probably lost in this operation. There is a report of an attack by an English aircraft with bombs on a U-boat N. of the convoy in position 56.35N, 22.49W, by depth charges from a British Fortress aircraft of 220 Sqn RAF/N (46 dead, all hands lost). Otherwise no losses or damage.

Convoy No. 5 (SG.19)
No further reports were received of the convoy, and it can be assumed that the boats have not been able to get their radio messages through owing to the well-known difficulties arising off Greenland. According to dead reckoning the convoy should reach a port on the SW coast of Greenland on the 3rd. Boats were therefore ordered to press on to the coast and, if conditions were favorable, to penetrate into the fjord. Operations control does not know if boats are even in contact. The convoy cannot be discussed further until reports have been received from Group "Nordsturm".

Following U 404's (Kptlt. Otto von Bülow) report of 3.2, the special operation "Lands End" ordered for U 71 (Oblt. Hardo Rodler von Roithberg) has been broken off. U 71 will join Group "Hartherz" and will occupy U 107's position in the patrol line (BE 5933), making a day's run of 180 miles. U 107 will extend the patrol line to the E. as far as BE 6832.

U 156
(KrvKpt. Werner Hartenstein) and U 510 (Korvkpt. Karl Neitzel) are proceeding to ED 90 via EG 30. Operation here must be attempted at all costs, as there has been no boat there for a fortnight and the area was always a good hunting ground so far.

U 105
(Oblt. Jürgen Nissen) has supplied from U 504 (Kptlt. Wilhelm Luis).

Boats have again been reminded of the closing of Route A in stages
. The homeward bound ship is the tanker "Hohenfriedber" ex-"Herburg".

Over lunch, Dwight Eisenhower informs George Patton, that Patton has been chosen to help plan the invasion of Sicily, Italy.

U 648 (Ltnt.z.S.d.R. Peter-Arthur Stahl) conducts Tactical Exercises in the Baltic Sea, together with U 115 (RST)*.


KorvKpt.& Cmdr. U 115
KSDII-Ace/GWX 3.0 Gold/CCoM 10.0 + h.sie-patch; Windows 7 (64-bit); NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 (310.90)

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