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Default Pitch roll and yaw

With the usual caveat that this game is incredible work from such a tiny team, does anyone else think that our U-boats seem to "run on rails" rather than small craft, ill-designed for surface stability tossed hither and yon by a capricious sea?

I'd like to see, in time, more varied dynamic and believable sea-states, both externally, in terms of oscillating periscope views and random and unpredictable heavier than normal wave strikes dousing the bridge watch/sending water down the conning tower if the hatch is opened..

But also internally, so that the crew perhaps have difficulty keeping their footing in heavy weather. Has anyone yet induced sea-sickness in a sea-faring pc game? From my sailing days, a heavy wave was quite a visceral experience, in every sense of the word, it was a hammer-blow of a crash on the hull, followed by everything not screwed down continuing blithely onwards despite the boat being momentarily stopped in its' tracks, which usually included me! So there's lots graphically to play with there, sound, movement of the internal view relative to the viewer, (I always liked the swinging hams etc in Sh3) the little lag in keeping yourself upright in the boat as you adjust slightly belatedly to the next impact... Sound effects of sprog crews retching... You could have a ton of fun as a developer, even if the heavier sea-states were infrequent!

(Edit - added thoughts)

The sea-state has lots of interesting ramifications: The deeper the U-boat is at periscope depth, the more stable the boat is compared with being fully surfaced. In the event un-stabilised periscope optics arrive in conjunction with differing sea-states, then it follows that there will be a tactical trade-off between periscope depth attained and accuracy of observations, but also, that the U-boat is going to be more likely to be accidentally partially surfaced if it tries to operate very shallow in a rough sea-state. Conversely, operating at deeper periscope depths will give better accuracy of observations, but more intermittent glimpses of the target owing to the periscope being more frequently submerged.

Furthermore, if "swell" - as opposed to wave action - is also modelled, then the direction of swell can become a tactical factor as to how much pitching or rolling and/or yawing the U-boat and periscope views attain. This means that operating parallel to the swell, one would have lots of roll, but little pitching - optimal for measuring target distance, and perpendicular to the swell one would have little roll, but lots of pitching, better for taking convoy speed observations.

In my view these new wrinkles could give a much wider set of difficulty permutations, and give some needed "re-playability" to the game, where each approach to the convoy, has to be considered in terms of sun-position, sea-state, moon-path, sea-swell and visibility... The sea-state could also confer some advantages - much harder to spot a periscope in a rough sea than a flat-calm...?

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I second this!
In due time. First of all we need sea state!
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